Aquaman Vol 3: Throne of Atlantis by Geoff Johns


It is no secret that Geoff Johns is one of my favorite comic book writers and he is the only one who could make Aquaman cool. New 52 was thebest thing that ever happened to Aquaman and the stories have been really good. Arthur has chosen to turn down being king of Atlantis to stay on land and help the Justice League while his brother rules. In the earlier books we have found that deep in an ocean trench there are these flesh hungry creatures that Aquaman sealed in. In this book not only does someone release these creatures, but a naval carrier malfunctions and fires missiles deep into Atlantis. This begins the war with Atlantis and our world.

This book collects several issues of the monthly Aquaman series and Justice League. This means that we get the whole story in one book so you don't have to get multiple books to get the whole story. Now, this does cause some cross over. I am reading the Justice League Vol 3 and can skip most of the book because I have already read it. This story was really well done and I don't mind reading both versions just so I can get the little extras that are in each series. 

Not only is the writing excellent but the art work is just as good. Paul Pelletier is insanely talented. There is a two page scene of Atlantis that was really cool to see. I got goosebumps because I am that big of a nerd. I tried to get a picture to share with you all but it doesn't do the actual art justice.

I can't get over how impressive this series has been since New 52 started. Aquaman has become one of my must reads and a new favorite. All of the book s in this series have led up to this battle, Ican't imagine where the series will go from here. For those of you who are more current than I am don't tell me. I want to be surprised. This book is easily a 5 out of 5 star read. 


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