Summer Knight by Jim Butcher


I love this series. There is so much that happened in this book it is hard to pick just one aspect that is my favorite. What I will always love is Harry Dresden and his quirky, and sarcastic one liners. Reading my old review that I had written almost 3 years ago I still agree with it. So far this is the best book in the series. 

This book has absolutely everything you could put in a book and more. We have action, intense battle scenes, betrayal, romance, as well as lost loves. To cap it all off it has the fantasy and wizardry we can expect from a Dresden files book. I can't think of any more obstacles that Jim Butcher could through at our snarky sorcerer. Following the last book the Red court of Vampires is ready to wage a war against all wizards unless they can have Harry Dresden. This causes the White counsel of Wizards to be in a difficult position. They are not big fans of Harry's and would love nothing more than to kick him out, but they can't just bend over to the Vampires and let them walk all over them. With Harry caught in the middle it is the worst possible timing to be hired for a case. Harry is manipulated by the Winter Faerie queen to find a murderer or his life will be in her hands. Then another damsel in distress asks him to find her missing friend, and somehow he has to stop the war between the Summer and Winter Faeries before they throw the season off so much it could destroy the world. 

Thank God that Harry is fictional because something like this could destroy a person, both physically and mentally. This book really tests Harry's limits and nothing will keep Harry from slinging a sarcastic comment at the drop of a hat. There really isn't a bad spot in this whole book. I liked this book so much it actually made working kind of difficult. I listen to books all day at work and I am pretty good at being able to multi task. While listening to this book there were times I would realize that I was just sitting there staring into space because I was so focused on the story. It is no wonder that I list this as one of my favorite books. 

I've gone on about how great the story is I feel I would be lacking if I didn't at least mention the characters. The characters that are introduced in this book are great. We get to learn so much about Faeries, changelings, and even Harry's own Faerie Godmother. There are some great characters in the past who surface in this book which really made the story interesting. Harry's own mentor who took him in after the death of his first teacher shows us and is just as funny as Harry is. So much can be learned about Harry in this book and there is even more that comes up that will hopefully be revealed in future books. 

I still feel like I can't say enough to really convey how wonderful I thought this book is. It should come as no surprise that this is a 5 out of 5 start read. I have been crazy lucky that I have had so many great books that I have read lately as 5 star reads. Lets hope this stretch continues and that the rest of the Dresden books are as good as this one. 


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