Bout of Books 14 Goals and Updates

Bout of Books

Welcome to another edition of Bout of Books. I really love this event and I try to do this as often as I can. It seems lately I do every other one but I at least try to advertise for them on my blog all the time. Today kicks off this week long read-a-thon and I have some decent goals.


Since I don't get a lot of time to read the actual books I have, most of my goals will be Audio related. I finally got my wife to try out the Dresden Files books and it all started because I made her watch the TV series with Paul Blackthorn. I know the die hard Dresden fans hate this which is probably why it only got one season but it's goofy and funny and I didn't have high expectations so I loved this show. Since I am trying to re-read the few books I have already read so I can talk with my wife about them, I plan on starting book 5 "Death Masks" this week and finish it with my wife. At this time I can't decide if I am going to move on to book 6, "Blood Rites" or read "Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrel". I really enjoyed the mini-series on BBC America so I kind of want to read the book to fill in the little gaps. 

I have just picked up Batman and Robin Vol 3 and Vol 5 which are the only two I need to read to be caught up with where the story is now. My hope is to have them both read by the end of this week so that I have posts to finish out this week and start next.

91479Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, #6)1420117671947Batman and Robin, Vol. 5: The Big Burn

As I mentioned I hardly have time to pick up a good hardback and enjoy some quiet reading time, but my hope is that on Saturday and Sunday I can get some reading in on "Finders Keepers" by Stephen King.  I am about 50 pages in right now and I am already loving this book. I hope I can get a little further in during this event. 


Good Luck to everyone who is participating in the challenge this week. I'm going to check in on the little challenges each day I can and maybe I will participate in a few. 


I got some good listening in today at work. I am half way through Death Masks and still haven't decided which book I am moving on to when I finish this week. 

Well today I read Batman and Robin Vol 3 and I loved it. Look for my review later this week or next. Moving right along on my goals here.

Another book down, I finished Death Masks toady and went to start Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell but I had the book all messed up on my iPod so I am fixing it now. I will start it tomorrow. I wont finish by the end of the week.

Today I got a decent bit read in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Decided to try and get this read then go back to the Dresden Files. I won't finish this book this week because I'm only about 8% in to the book if my math is correct. I'll keep you posted. 

Well I listened to Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell most of my work day and I'm still only 23% in. I hope it gets better soon I'm bored. 

I didn't get much time at all to read but I'm halfway through Batman and Robin vol 5. I hope to finish it tomorrow but I also want to try to get some time reading Finders Keepers. 

I was such a reading bum today. I didn't read anything today so really I ended this bout of books yesterday. I didn't even look at Finders Keeper's this week and chose playing Legos with my Son over finishing Batman and Robin vol 5. I think I made the right call there. 


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