Batman and Robin Vol 6: The Hunt for Robin by Peter Tomasi


I'm going to be honest up front and say I haven't read a single book in this series since before Bruce took the cowl back from Dick Grayson. I was never a huge fan of Damien Wayne as Robin because I hated the idea of Bruce having a son that wasn't Dick or Tim Drake. New 52 rolled around and I never bothered to pick these up but I have kept up with the bigger details of these books. The cover and title was the whole reason I decided to request this book. Net Galley and DC Comics were gracious enough to allow me to read this for an honest review and I am so glad they did.

Bruce has had a tough go of things since Damien was killed. I get it, I can't imagine what it would be like to be in his position. I would do anything I could if it meant I might be able to bring one of my kids back from the dead. In this book Ra's Al Ghul has dug up and taken both Damien and Talia's body from their graves on the Wayne Estate. Bruce will chase Ra's all over the workd and back to get his son's body back so he can rest in piece. He has dealt with Ra's plenty of times in the past but he will Bruce will need some help this time. There are a lot of great team ups in this book and I loved them. 

We have a team up with Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and even the Frankenstein Monster who finally is just called Frankenstein instead of the monster. The story was great and I loved every bit of it. The art work was great for the most part but there was an issue that had some work that wasn't as detailed and felt a little washed out. This was a great read and the ending rolls right into the net volume and I can't wait. I will be requesting it if it comes available and if I don't get lucky enough to read it for a review you better believe I will be putting my name on the reserve list at my library.

This is the last cover I want to share because it is a great cover. Bruce will do anything to get the body of his son back even if it means a suicide mission for himself. This shows that even the Justice League can't stop a determined Father when it comes to his child. This sits strongly with me because the picture can be taken several ways. I see this as representing the strength of a father's love, but it can also show that Bruce has lost his mind and needs to be put in his place. Funny how things can be seen differently based on the personality. I like my way better.

So as to the rating I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I was really impressed with the story and now I will be getting all the volumes I missed since New 52 began. I will get caught up.


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