Batman and Robin Vol 2: Pearl, by Peter J. Tomasi


The first volume was great and got me completely hooked on the series, this one only solidified my love for these books. In this book Damien has made some bad decisions and is ready to rpve he is the definitive Robin. He calls a meeting of all the previous Robins and calls them out. He says he will defeat them and keep a token to show he is better. Throughout the book we get great scenes with each character and Damien. On top of all of this we get snippets of his origin story with his mother Talia which were great to help understand just how messed up Damien really is. 

There is a lot of other smaller plot lines in this book on top of the family battle. This book touches briefly with the Court of Owls Batman story line which I honestly expected to dominate more of this book. We also have a newly formed group of Batman "Victims" who want to show the world how terrible Batman is and they don't care who they hurt in the process. The kicker at the very end is a great section were Damien meets the Joker face to face. That's the last thing I will say on this other than I feel like this is a great intro into Volume 3 Death of the Family.

There are some creepy but detailed scene in this book and I loved it. This easily could have been a solid 5 star read but this felt more lie a collection of stories instead of a coherent plot line. I wish these melded a little more seamlessly which is why I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars, but for the purpose of review sites I will have to go with a 4 out of 5. This still was a great read and I still love this series. I can't wait to catch up on these.   


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