Batman and Robin Vol 1: Born to Kill by Peter J. Tomasi


I was fortunate enough to get Batman and Robin Vol 6 from DC Comics and Netgalley and I really liked it. I will be honest and say I really am not a fan of Damien. When this series started I wasn't overly impressed but I kept reading because Dick Grayson was Batman and Bruce was missing. I wanted to know how he would come back and become Batman but I stopped reading before I got there. I had put this series off until I got my Advanced reader copy. That was enough to make me want to go back and read what I had missed of the New 52.  

This book was awesome and I am hooked. I'm on a mad dash to catch up on all the books i have missed. This book has everything. Betrayal, secrets, lies, and some amazing action scenes. Bruce is doing the best he can to be the type of father Damien needs but because of the brain washing the League of Assassins out him through it is proving difficult. If trying to raise a child killer wasn't hard enough a figure from Bruce's past comes to Gotham to destroy him. This costumed killer calls himself Nobody and brings up a part of Bruce's past that could bring him closer to Damien. 

Bruce relives his early days of training before he became the Batman. He had to make some very hard choices back then and this is what began his crusade without killing. I could go into more details but I don't want to ruin any of the great story that is in this book. Not only is it great to get a little more history of Bruce but Peter Tomasi builds depth to Damien's character. Feeling like he isn't trusted by his father and just doesn't understand the strict rules Bruce enforces Damien decides to rebel.

This story was really great and I was impressed. The art work was amazing and I loved every page in this book. Sadly I read this in hardback so I don't have pictures of how great these pages were but you will have to take my word and know that I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. If you haven't been reading this series this book is definitely worth your time. I would highly recommend this to all Batman fans. 


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