Batman Arkham Knight: Vol 1 by Peter Tom Asi


I am envious of all of those who have played these Batman Arkham games. I am a little behind on my game systems and my beautiful children take my time that used to be filled with gaming so it all works out. Still I would love to play these games and if I ever do get a Playstation 4 I am buying all of them first. Since I can't play them I enjoy reading the companion graphic novels. Thanks to DC Comics and Net Galley I was able to read and review this. 

I have to be honest and say I was kind of let down by this book. It took forever to get going and when it did I still wasn't all that excited to be reading it. Gotham is starting to put itself back together after the Arkham disaster and Bruce Wayne is doing his best to rebuild the city and make it a place people can call home again. While trying to fix everything the Penguin and Harley Quinn are trying to tear it all apart. Penguin because he wants to rule all of Gotham and Harley because she wants revenge for what happened to the Joker. The ending makes up for things a bit and leaves the story open for the next Volume. There are some great action scenes in this book but that was it for the good parts. 

The Scarecrow was in this book very briefly and he looked awesome. I wish that story was explored a little more in this book which might have made the story even better. My hope is that Scarecrow takes a bigger role as the story moves forward in future books. I also wish the art work was a little better.  I wasn't really impressed with this because I have read some great books with amazing artwork so I was a little more judgmental of this one.

This was one of the better examples of the art work being fairly good. I just wish the panels had a little more detail to really show the level of action. There is very little dialog so you have to rely on great artwork to really pull the reader in.

I liked it but thought it was just ok. I am very middle of the road on this book so I give it 3 out of 5 stars. Not sure I will keep going on this series which is a bummer. Batman is my favorite hero and I have loved every other books I have read lately. It is hard for a writer of Batman to make something as awesome as Scott Snyder's work on Batman and Batman Eternal. Those books continue to blow me away with it's amazing stories and the art work is also really impressive in those books. I am still very greatful I was chosen to read this for an honest review. 


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