Desperation by Stephen King


Every year there is a big book fair in May and we went this year. I made a killing there. I bought 8 Hardback Steven King novels all in great condition and first editions for 1 or 2$ a piece. One of those books was The Regulators. Since this book comes before it I wanted to make sure I wasn't in the dark with any possible references. So a trip to my library helped me get this book. 

Let me just say this book was weird and way to long. There are quite a few parts of this book that drag on and really felt like they didn't advance the story. When the book opens we meet a lovely couple driving across the country on their way home. In the middle of nowhere they are pulled over by a police officer, Worried what is wrong they find out that all it was was a stolen license plate. The officer recommends taking the plate from the front of the car and moving it to the back so they can at least get home. When Peter reaches in to the trunk to get the tool box the officer sees a bag of marijuana and arrests them. This is where everything goes wrong. 

I am not a big fan of travel. The whole thought of being lost and possibly stranded in the middle of nowhere is a fear of mine which I why the scariest part of the book is the very beginning. As our couple Peter and Mary arrive in desperation they notice it is a ghost town. Nothing left in the town but one crazy officer and a lot of corpses. In the jail  there are more unlucky travelers. Time is running out for our officer and he plans on killing all he doesn't need. 

This is just off the wall weird and also didn't make sense at times. This wasn't exactly one of my favorite King books but it wasn't terrible. I'm just going to move onto my rating because I really don't have much to say about this one. I give this 3 our of 5 stars. I lean more towards a 2.5 star rating but rounded up in this case. I did like finding the little Dark Tower reference in this book, but other than that I struggled to finish it. Instead of being creeped out by the whole evil Tak I found it kind of lame. Here is hoping The Regulators is better. 


  1. "This book is weird and way too long" ...sounds like a typical Stephen king alright haha. I've never heard of this one the cover is really strange it makes it seem like a kids book!

  2. You're right Kings books do tend to lean toward the weird and they can get lengthy, but I have read some really long King books like IT and Under the Dome that didn't feel like they dragged on like this one. Can't like em all I guess. The cover was pretty cool I thought. The little doll has significance that did leave a creepy ominous feel.


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