Deathstroke Vol 1: Gods of War by Tony Daniel

I have always liked Deathstroke as a villain. I always wanted to know more about why he is able to heal and so strong. I also want to know what happened to his eye. I will have to look that up in my DC Encyclopedia when I have a moment and check out the other comics about him which I was surprised to find when looking on Goodreads. I have to thank NetGalley and DC Comics for allowing me to read and review this. I have to admit the main reason I requested this was because of Dethstroke's run on the show Arrow, and the fact this is written by Tony Daniel. He is an amazing writer and artist. He is one of the few that I know that does both for the books he writes on. I loved his work on Batman: Battle for the Cowl, and his run on the Batman series. 

Let me first let you know something about this book. The events in this book come after the Suicide Squad Vol 1 book. I didn't know this before I read this one and have to admit I ran into a spoiler for Suicide Squad. I would highly recommend reading Suicide Squad first. I will be reading that one shortly to figure out exactly what happened. So this book is full of oddities, great action/violence, and guest stars. To further just how great Tony Daniel is here is a cover of one of the issues with my favorite hero Batman. I love the detail he puts into his work. Each
cut and talon on Deathstroke stands out. Not sure it transferred well to the blog but there is even tread on Batman's boots.

This book is all about family reunions. Slade Wilson is on a mission to find his son and his father. Why might you ask, well I'm going to have to let you read it yourself. I will promise that the fights are totally worth it. There is this odd thing that happens at the very beginning that makes Slade young and tow eyed again that we don't figure out how or why it happens. Thankfully neither does Slade so it isn't this thing that the reader is left in the dark while everyone else knows what is going on. I really hope that we find out what is going on there in the next volume. Yes, I am definitely going to read volume 2 if this goes on especially if Tony Daniel does the next one too.

So what will I give this book. I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars. This was a great book and I wish I would have know the series of events a little better so I didn't read after the spoiler where to go to figure out what is going on. I am anxiously waiting for volume 2 and hope the story only gets better. I loved seeing Batman and Deathstroke beat the crap out of each other because they are evenly matched in fighting ability. It's hard not to like a villain as badass as this.


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