Batman Vol 6: Graveyard Shift by Scott Snyder


I can't tell you how impressed I have been with Scott Snyder's run on the Batman series. I really hope he is in this even longer because the stories are great. This book is almost a step out of the story line of Zero Year to take a breather. Snyder has done a great job of expanding on Batman's origin story while also laying foundation for Batman's story to go anywhere. This book is a collection of stories instead of one consistent story.

There are some interesting moments in this book. My favorite is the Clayface story line. Clayface can change into anyone including their DNA just by touching them. This made for a great story with Bruce Wayne actually. Not a lot of Batman in this section but we get to see Bruce kick ass and take names. We also get a short little story line with special guest Superman. This one involves events that have happened recently in the Batman time line not part of Zero Year.

I liked this book but I think I prefer the bigger story. Maybe it was the Advanced copy I got but some of the stories seemed out of order and disjointed. I do need to thank Edelweiss and DC comics for allowing me to read this and review here on my blog. There was this story about a trapped spirit and maybe it was this way in the comics and not a bad download but the story starts and then cuts to our Clayface story. Then halfway through the Clayface story it cuts back to the spirit story only to finish it quickly.

I really liked this book but it wasn't my favorite so far. There have been some amazing stories since the New 52 took over the Batman stories. It was a nice change of pace having sort of a short story collection but I will have to give this 3 out of 5 stars. I am anxious to see where Batman's story goes next in Vol 7.  


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