The Joker: Death of the family by Scott Snyder


I have said this so many times before but I love the Death of the Family story line. I am slowly making my way through all of the Bat-Family books for this story line but this one pulls from each one to collect one big comprehensive story featuring the Joker. Some of this I have already read and the Nightwing stuff I had read fairly recently so I was able to skip parts so I could focus on the parts of the story I didn't know. Whoever complied this collection did an amazing job of making all of these different books fit together seamlessly.

Aside from the Batman and Nightwing story lines I had a few that really stood out as being great reads. Oddly enough I really liked the stories with the women of the Bat-Family. Batgirl's story was amazing. Joker kidnaps her mother and sets it all up like he did in the Killing Joke where he shoots Barbara. She wants nothing more than to kill him and get justice for all the Joker has done against her and her family. I also really liked the Harley Quin story. She has come a long way from being Joker's doormat. I haven't read any of the Suicide Squad books but it is on my to-read list. Those books have really given Harley a strength that she never had before. It was also fun to see her really beat the snot out of Joker.

The art work in this was really great. There isn't a bad section in the whole book. Sometimes when you get these types of collections there is usually one artist among the bunch who's work just isn't as good. That isn't the case here. Everything was coherent and detailed. I was really impressed. The only thing better than the art work is the writing. What a story. By far one of the best comic book story lines I have ever read.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I loved this book. It was one I can't believe I put off reading. I give this 5 out of 5 stars. This is a must read for fans of Batman and the Joker.  



  1. I am so with you on this! Time for me to pull it and have a re-read soon, me-thinks!

  2. You should. I loved this book and actually can't wait to d a re-read of these. I still have quite a few series in the death of the family yet to read but these are great.


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