Kill Shot by Vince Flynn


This is the 12th book written in the Mitch Rapp series but actually it is the 2nd book in the time line for the series. Doesn't make a lot of sense but my guess is Vince Flynn figured he had some back story to expand on. This being said I am glad I started these books when I did. It might have irritated me to be reading this series and then have two books in a row that go back to the beginning and I am really excited to see if this book ties into the first book written and the 3rd in the series, Transfer of Power.

I am not a fan of political thrillers but I gave the first book a try and really liked it. I was excited to be able to get this from the library so I could find out if I was going to keep reading this series. So far I am definitely continuing with this series. Mitch Rapp is like John McClane from  the Die Hard movies. Where Mitch Rapp is a government assassin and not a very unlucky cop like McClane, Rapp is resourceful and will not quit. This guy is a machine and very clever in any situation. 

 This book starts out with an assassination gone wrong and Rapp is stuck in Paris with the police and a terrorist group after him. He has to find a safe house and figure out who he can trust. Is there a leak in the CIA or have the terrorists caught on to something that will get him killed? The action in this book is intense and I really enjoyed the whole thing. 

Solid book and I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I feel like there is so much I could say about this book with reasons why I liked it but to be honest, I have forgotten some of the book already. Now this is great when ever I decide to re-read this book, but the fact that I forgot parts of this shortly after reading it keeps this from a full 5 star rating. On to the next book at some point, but I like this series so far. 


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