Teen Titans Go Vol 1:Party Party by Sholly Fisch


My son is a big fan of the show Teen Titans Go! and when I saw this was available on Edelweiss I had to request it. I figured this would be a great father son read before bed. He loved it and this book is exactly what I expected. Just like the show it was goofy, gross, funny, and stupid.

This is a collection of individual stories so there isn't one underlying story to the whole book. It made it very easy to read one issue a night with my son and not get lost or have to explain where we were or what was going on. He is 5 and really smart but he is at the age where he asks questions just to ask questions.

The stories are funny and exactly what a 5 year old would enjoy. If had I read this for myself the rating would have been lower, my son really liked it and I am rating it as such. I liked a few of the stories in this book. There is one where Robin sets up and obstacle course to showcase his skills because he is the only one on the team that doesn't have super powers. Lets say it is an obstacle  course that is more difficult for the others and leads to some funny situations. The other one I liked is where Beast Boy and Cyborg prank call different super heroes and other planets. This draws some unwanted attention to the titans.

This wasn't a bad book but it could have been better. If you have seen the show then you should know what you are getting into. There are quite a few reviews already that are less than favorable and it seems it was because they had no idea that this is the furthest thing from serious. If my son was rating this I am sure he would give it 5 stars but I am going to give it 3.5 and just round up to 4. The artwork isn't great and the writing could be better but it was funny and I loved spending the time with my son. I will leave you with one final clip from the show that always gets a laugh out of us when the episode comes on.


  1. I love this show!!! LOL! When I look at the comic I would think it was geared to kids so I didn't bother to try to read it.

  2. I love it too. It is a nightly thing we do as part of my Son's bedtime routine. Usually we watch a show for my daughter like Sofia the First and when she goes to bed we watch Teen Titans Go or Penn Zero Part Time Hero. I have an excuse to read the kids comics because of my son but to be honest, if I didn't have kids I would have requested it anyway.


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