Mr Mercedes By Stephen King

Mr Mercedes

I am embarrassed to say this but I started to read this back when it was released in June of last year. King is one of the few authors I have to buy in Hardback for my collection and these days I just don't have time to read hardbacks or Kindle books. If it's not audio it is going to take me awhile to get through it. Well I finally finished this book and I loved it!!!

King is known for his horror novels but he has written some amazing general fiction like Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, or Rose Madder. I hadn't read a mystery novel by him yet and I was curious if he could pull it off. I was impressed and when I heard this is part 1 of a trilogy I became really excited. 

So here is a little overview for those that might not have heard about this book. Mr Mercedes is a man who one day decided he is going to drive a stolen car through a crowd of people waiting in line for a job fair. He gets away with the atrocity and remains quite for some time. Detective Bill Hodges was one of the detectives on the case and this was one of those that still haunts him. He has retired and found that life just isn't worth living anymore in retirement. He sits at night watching horrible TV with his gun in his lap. Mr Mercedes has decided he wants a bit of fun, he is going to contact Bill Hodges and try to push him over the edge to suicide. Little does he know this is just what Bill needed to bring life back to him. 

King is a master of writing amazing characters. I connected with these characters because they felt like real people. I cheered when they triumphed and teared up when some died. I couldn't wait to get back to this book when I had time to read because it was like visiting with friends. I know this sounds crazy, but for the bulk of people reading this blog, I know you are book loves like I am and find it easy to be come attached to fictional characters. 

This was a great book and I really did love it. Had I actually had the time I would have flown through this book in no time. The suspense was there throughout the whole book. I couldn't wait to see what happens next chapter to chapter and section to section. I honestly could go on and on about the great parts of this book but I will spare you the lecture and get to my rating.

This is my first favorite book of 2015. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and with the second book coming out this Spring I can't wait to see what King has in store for Hodges next. If you like mysteries then I would recommend this book. We get to see both sides of the spectrum in this book. A few chapters are with Hodges and then a few are with Mr Mercedes. 


  1. You finished it just in time. The new book comes out soon... I just love when I see a new King book hit the market.

  2. I know, I really liked these characters and I'm looking forward to seeing what Bill Hodges gets into in the next book. I still need to read Revival thoug so it may be awhile until I get to Finders Keepers.


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