Adrenaline by Jeff Abbott


I have to thank Goodreads for this book. This was one of their side advertisement books and a giveaway. I read the little blurb about the book and entered the giveaway. I didn't win it, but I liked the book summary so much I knew I wanted to read this book at some point. Sure it took a few years before I finally got around to reading it, but I'm glad I did. I was looking around at the library and saw this in the audio section so I picked it up with a few other books I have had on my to-read list for awhile. 

I want to mention this before I get in any further into my review. This is a book that I was glad I read the reviews first. On Good reads it seemed like there were a lot of mixed reviews. The book overall has just under 4 stars and a lot of the reviews seemed to be 2 star reviews. When I look at the reviews I sadly admit that I focus on the negative ones. I want to know why people hated the book so much so I know od have a feel for what I might encounter that I might not like.  Those reviews also help me judge if it is really worth my time to invest in the book. I think because of the reviews I had read I came into this book with a more relaxed perspective and lower expectations. 

I really liked this book even though it was cheesy at times, and the ending was predictable. This book is your classic spy novel so it was easy to connect the dots well before I actually had the first clues. There were quite a few of those reviews with the lower ratings that said their biggest complaint was how predictable it was. Knowing this I was able to not try to figure things out (for the most part) and just let the story take me on the adventure. It does get a little cheesy from time to time. Our hero Sam Capra has a few one liners and they just weren't that great. These little inserts were funny at times, but being a fan of Bruce Campbell and the Evil Dead movies it is hard to have really good, funny one liners for me.

I liked this book but if I had taken this with high expectations of this being a super spy novel I might have been let down. If you decided to read this take it as it is. An adventure story with a passionate father wanting some answers. I will give this story 3.5 out of 5 stars. For the benefit of Goodreads rating I will round up to 4 stars. 


  1. I read the negative reviews first on everything -- books, movies, household products, etc., so you're not alone here, I think this is what everybody does. I try not to let a few negative reviews influence the hundreds of positive ones, but, sadly, sometimes they do. Glad you enjoyed this book. I'm starting a James Patterson series this week, based upon the recommendation of a friend. I've never read Patterson before, so I'm looking forward to this.

  2. I've read a few books by Paterson. Kill Me If You Can was really good. I was impressed. Good luck with the new series, hope you like it.


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