The Worst of 2014

My Worst of 2014

You have read my best of post and with the good comes the bad. I was very fortunate this year in the books I chose. I didn't have many horrible books this year that I forced myself to finish. Only 2 of the books I read this past year I rated at 1 star. I am pretty impressed by this because I usually have quite a few more.

Now I didn't rate these one star but I will say I was less than thrilled with these series. I read the Strain trilogy this year because I really enjoyed the first season of FX's new show. For as entertaining as the series on TV is the books left me bored and wanting more for the most part. The first book was actually a re-read for me. I didn't care for it the first time but wanted to see if my opinion might change now that I watched the show. I did enjoy the book a little more, enough to see what the other two books in the series were all about. I kind of wish now that I wouldn't have read the other two. They just got duller and I started to dislike the characters more and more the further I got into the trilogy.

Its not the worst thing I have read but probably one of the biggest lets downs so far for me. I know I am going to catch a little flack for this one from friends of mine and probably my wife too. I am having a hard time getting into the Heroes of Olympus series. So far the books are the same plot formula as the Percy Jackson series, they also are slower. I still have a few left so I will see if it gets better.

The First book I am putting on the Worst of 2014 for me is The Garment of Shadows. This is a book in the Mary Russel, Sherlock Holmes series and it was boring. The writing was so dry and the plot so slow that I almost didn't get through this as an audio book. Had I not gotten this book for free for a review I would have made this a DNF Did Not Finish.I read about 70 pages and then gave up. I checked out the audio book from the library just so I could at least finish it. I usually love Sherlock Holmes books, but at the same time I am really critical of how he is written by someone other than Conan Doyle. These books are mainly about Mary Russel which mean Sherlock Holmes is more of a guest.

106128The last book that is on my worst list is one that pains me to rate so low. This book is Break No Bones. I have been a fan of Kathy Reichs for a long time. I have enjoyed her earlier books with Tempe Brennan and her Forensic Anthropology skills. I was reading the books that I had gotten behind on after a break and found they were not as good as I remembered. The writing was just ok and the plot was so dull and predictable that it was a struggle to get through something I should have devoured. I don't know if I have just grown apart from this series or if they really are getting worse. I had read several books in this series in a row and each one got more and more irritating. This book was the last straw. Because of this book I am no longer reading Kathy Reichs and I do feel bad about that since she used to be one of my favorite authors but I just couldn't read another disappointing book.

I am not one for negative posts but as any reader knows there are going to be some really amazing books and some really bad ones. I'm not saying these are really bad books I was just disappointed and they weren't for me. Now that the new year is here I am ready for a whole new set of reading adventures ahead.

What were some of your Best and Worst books of 2014?


  1. Interesting what you said about Heroes of Olympus! I had that problem with his other books... I think the first one is called Red Pyramid. It is his Egyptian series. I never got past the first book in that series. My worst book of 2014??? Wow... oh I know! It's this YA book called Beauty Queens. It's a satire book and I just can't get into those.

  2. I remember reading your review on Beauty Queens. There always seems to be one book a year that lets us down. I haven't read the Egyptian series by Riordan but I kind of remember my wife did and she only thought it was ok. I'm not sure I will read that one.


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