The Last Apprentice: I am Alice by Joseph Delaney


After coming off the disappointing previous book in the series Slither, I was looking forward to getting back the the main characters. Little did I know at first that Tom wouldn't really have much of a role in this book either. However, I really didn't mind because I really like Alice and wanted to know more about her journey into the Dark.

When last we left Tom and Alice in  Lure of the Dead, Alice had to find a way into the dark and steal a weapon that is hidden at the base of the Fiend's very own throne. This book follows Alice on that journey as well as give the reader an insight into what all is going on in her head. These weapons will be used to kill her in a sacrifice to end the Fiend once and for all. On top of that we get to see a character from an earlier book that I thought I wouldn't see again. 

This book was very well written and was interesting from the very beginning. There didn't seem to be  any down time or long pause between events. It just flowed on through. I couldn't wait to continue reading this book every time I have to put it down . This book continues our main story line even with out Tom and the Spook's part in it. This is the major difference between this book and Slither. As you get towards the end of this one there is a desperate attempt to tie Slither to the whole series.  

The ending of this book leave the reader with a bit of a cliffhanger but I expected this with only one book left in the series. I am really excited to see how this ends but at the same time sad to have only one more book left. These characters have been with me through quite a few of these books so it is always sad to see a series come to a close. I did enjoy this book but there is, I feel, more that could have been done with this story, Because of this I am giving this 4 out of 5 stars. I had fun reading this and I am moving on to the very last book now. 


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