Bout of Books 12 Goals and Updates

Bout of Books

And the Race is on!!! Today is the beginning of Bout of Books 12. I have some steep goals for just a week but I always like to push myself during these weeks. Whatever I get finished this week for the challenge. 


Since I don't get a lot of time to read the actual books I have most of my goals will be Audio related. I am anxious to finish the Last Apprentice series and I am already working my way through book 12 "I am Alice", My hope is to finish this one and at least start the final book in the series, "Fury of the Seventh Son. My wife and I also just picked up the most recent graphic novel in the Walking Dead series Vol 22: A New Beginning which I want to get read this week. 

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I have also been working towards finishing Mr Mercedes which I have ion hard cover. I at least want to make a dent in this book this week. I know I won't finish it this week but I want to set some time aside to get back into this book. 


Good Luck to everyone who is participating in the challenge this week. I'm going to check in on the little challenges each day I can and maybe I will participate in a few. 


-I'm not doing to bad so far. I finished I am Alice and started Fury of the Seventh Son today. I didn't do any reading in the Walking Dead today or Mr Mercedes but I did read quite a bit of Mr Mercedes over the weekend. I finally got past the half way point and read a little over 60 pages. This book is so good right now and I wish I had more time to read it, but I choose to play with my kids while they are awake instead. I know tough choice but I love my kiddos. I also enjoy cooking so that takes up sometime when I get home. 

-I continued to listen to Fury of the Seventh Son and made it through the first 5 hours of it. There are 7 parts to the audio and this leaves me with just a little bit to go. My hope is I am able to finish this book tomorrow and then begin the search for something new. 

I got very close to finishing Fury of the Seventh Son. Other than that no reading today. Busy day at work so didn't get to listen to my book as much. 

Very little reading today, nothing to report. 

I finished Fury of the Seventh son and read the Walking Dead vol 22. Big reading day for me now I can take the weekend off or try to get more in from Mr Mercedes. 




  1. Gaw I sucked so hard this time around on Bout of Books. Also.. I didn't like that I couldn't post a link to my progress everyday this time. I hope that bring that back.

  2. I got what I wanted finished but I was terrible at updating my progress and didn't check out one challenge this year. Maybe next round.


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