Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!!! Now I'm not so single minded to think that everyone celebrates Christmas and for those that read my blog I really hope you all have a very Happy Holidays. I do celebrate Christmas in my family'e life it lasts a little over a week. That's a long story I won't bore you with but we try to get as much out of this holiday as possible. Our kids are getting older and we do our very best to give them the best Christmas possible. Things are a little better this year for them thanks to my great job I got back in July. So we put up the tree and the lights and our Elf on the Shelf came for a visit.

Have you heard of the Elf on the Shelf. It is a cute idea but really a pain in the butt. Every year our elf Neighbor. My Son named him, comes on Thanksgiving night with breakfast fixings. Every day he is in a new spot in the house to watch the kiddos and report back to Santa every night if they have been good or bad. This worked great last year but this year my five year old has been testing his limits. He got an official Elf Warning this year. Some of the things people do with the elf are really creative. Last year I did an homage to Stephen King's Under the Dome complete with a little Bloody ketchup hand on the clear mixing bowl we put him in. This year I built one of my Batman Legos and used the Scarecrow's Plane to fly our elf in this year. I hung it from the ceiling and the kids loved it. 

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful Holiday with their families and a very Merry Christmas. “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” 
― Clement C. Moore


  1. Elf on the Shelf!! My cousin who just turned 7 got one this year. My aunt didn't want to get her one, she thinks the elf is creepy. But all the kids at school have one so my cousin came home looking for her elf so my aunt ran out and bought one. I think it's kind of fun and Pinterest has so many ideas for it.

  2. The elf didn't work so well this year. My son was still a handful and about half way through the month it became a chore to come up with good ideas for the elf. Next year my daughter will be 2 and she will get her own elf.


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