Locke and Key Vol 6: Alpha and Omega by Joe Hill


I finally got to finish this series and I am both elated and really sad that it is over. I was granted this by Netgalley as an Advanced reader copy a long time ago before it was published. I had a problem with my Bluefire Reader app and I lost everything I had downloaded. By that time this had been archived and I couldn't get it back. I have been waiting for my library to get this one as part of its stock. I loved this series but this book is my favorite out of them all. 

A few of the books were a little on the slow side but they helped build one heck of a story. Each book introduced new keys and what they did. These keys don't just open doors but they can control armies and open your mind and all sort of cool things. The house, and town have secrets that are slowly revealed through these books. Most of the time these book raise more questions than answers, but everything comes to fruition in this book. 

This book starts out a little confusing at first. When I was reading this as a digital edition I was worried I only got part of the book. Thankfully I wasn't the only one who thought this. A friend of min over at Angela's Anxious Life read this book about the same time I started it and she felt the same way. When I actually got the book from the library it was the same way. No idea what is going on at first but as things progress you catch on. So if you read this for yourself the confusion will pass after a few pages.The rest of the book is non stop action and it doesn't let up.

I really liked this book. Joe Hill does a very good job writing this story. I may not be a fan of his novels but I love this series. The art work is pretty good in this as well but I have seen better. The way Gabriel Rodriguez draws his characters is very similar to the early years on the Nightwing series. Those were done by some one else but the style is very similar. I can't end this review without mentioning the little homage that Hill did to his father. We get a funny interpretation of Carrie in this book and I really enjoyed it.

I really like this book and I loved the series over all. I actually can't wait to re-read all of these again. I got them from my library but I think I will have to just buy these for myself. They really are nice hardback collections with a ribbon place holder in the spine. These would make a great addition to my book shelves. I have also seen that the Keys from these book have been made for collectors out there. This one on the left here is one of my favorites. I really like the way it looks and the power it holds in the books. Maybe one of these day I will buy it. Again, the comic nerd in me really wants to collect these keys. If you are interested in checking out all the keys yourself then click here for the site that sells these keys. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It is definitely worth them.


  1. I did really enjoy this series. I wouldn't probably read it again but it was a cool graphic novel series.

  2. I think I do want to read this again but this time I want to go back to back without an interruption. I really liked the story and the keys. I'm jealous you have one of the keys. Maybe someday I will pick one up myself.


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