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For those that visit my blog regularly might have noticed my usual three post a week have been missing. At best I think I might have put out one a week. I have to admit that I really haven't felt like blogging much. I haven't really been in much of a mood to read either. The whole family has been since the last week and a half so that has been fun and left all of us pretty run down. I have also been really busy with work so when I get home I just want to chill. The computer hasn't been out all week and my iPad was pretty much used for a few games and checking email. 

With things being crazy busy at work and feeling a bit more stressed than usual I have skipped listening to books at work because I can't afford my attention to be divided and had a lot of great music playing instead. This has caused my nice stock pile of reviews to thin out to nothing. I have one or two reviews to write and one that will post Tuesday because I had to wait till release day to post it. I have enjoyed my little break to be honest with you. I still love doing this blog but I have enjoyed the little break. 

I am slowly getting back into my reading mood. I read a about 50 pages in Mr Mercedes today. This is one I am actually reading instead of listening to so I only get a little time occasionally to read it. 50 pages is a lot for me to read in one sitting. I am really enjoying the book though it has just taken me months to get almost half way.  I've got a few Audio Books that I am waiting on at the library and DC comics has graced me with two Graphic novels for me to read. Look for all of these reviews in the near future. 

Even though I have been on a break I have read some interesting posts on different blogs this week. Of course the big news it seems is the release of The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1. Two of my favorite blogs have reviewed it and you can check out those posts on:

If you are interested in an update on the remake of Stephen King's The Stand movie check out Talk Stephen King. I also read a tech blog called Engadget and they had a cool way to cook food perfectly. Way out of my price range so I wont be buying it, but check out the Frying pan with bluetooth

I'll get back into my reading and reviews soon I think. Thanks for sticking around and I will post again soon. 


  1. I had a blogging break last week myself. I was out of town and busy. Though I did get some reading done. I am excited to finish the book I am reading. I wish I had a job where I could listen to audio books!! Sounds great to me. I do play games a lot on my phone/tablet so I totally get that. Games seem to make things calmer so I really enjoy that!

  2. I've been so lazy that it has taken me this long to reply to your message. I'm just so busy and work has been crazy that I haven't wanted to read much or write for that matter.

    It is amazing that I can listen to music and books all day. Unless I get a call I have my headphones in all day. I work for an amazing company. I hope to get back to blogging regularly again soon.


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