The Walking Dead Season 5

This was AWESOME!!!! Well worth the wait from last seasons cliffhanger. As those of you who read my blog regularly would know that my wife and I spent the summer catching up on all of the graphic novels of the Walking Dead so we were ready to go when this season started. We had a ton of ideas of what was going to be pulled from the comics to be used in the opening episode and I couldn't wait to see this. 

Not going to lie to you all, but I didn't watch this till Monday night. I avoided all social media and write ups of the season premier so I didn't spoil anything. The Cardnials were playing the Giants in the NLCS and it was a close game so that won out. My DVR caught the first episode anyway so that meant we could fast forward through the commercials. Last season ended with a big cliffhanger and no idea what to expect since the show is much different from the books at this point. for the last few months there have been these teasers floating around drumming up excitement. 

This episode was brutal. There were things that happened in this first episode that have never been done in this show. Some of it was very hard to watch and my wife did look away. The big thing that I loved about this episode that the books have been missing was suspense, action and wait for it... ZOMBIES! This episode was packed with Zombies and some of the best special effects I have seen even in high budget movies. Greg Nicotero is amazing with visual effects. The Zombies are amazingly detailed and from season to season we get to see the progression of decomposition. This is a detail that I love. If this were real life the zombies would continue to decompose over time and this is evident here. There is also a few themed zombies that are thrown into the season and I can't wait to see what hose are in this one. Last season had the first Crispy Zombies. 

This episode game out with a bang and didn't let up to the very end of the episode. We get a lot of satisfying Zombie attacks, plenty of action both human and Zombie fights as well as a very satisfying reunion. I'm so excited about this season there aren't words. I can't wait for next weekend just for the next new episode. This is one of my favorite shows on television. This review will be included in the RIP challenge as part of the Peril on the Screen aspect.



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