The Evil Dead (1981)

This wouldn't be part of my Halloween Week if it wasn't one of my favorites, but I really love these movies. All of these including the Re-Make are ones I watch over and over again. The first of these that I saw was Evil Dead. 2. That one is my favorite and I might just have to review that  in the future or maybe for next years Halloween Week. After seeing that one I had to find this one and watch it too. I ended up finding it at my local Blockbuster (yes I am dating myself since they have been closed for I don't know how long now). My wife and I were just friends then and we would hang out sometimes. I ordered Pizza and and we watched this together. We were huge fans of all horror movies back then and saw everyone we could. I still am a big fan of horror movies but now that we have kids it is tougher and tougher to find time to watch them. 

This is the pinnacle of low budget horror movies. Again we have a group of College aged kids heading out to the middle of nowhere to spend a weekend. The Cabin in the woods looks like a skull. The windows next to the door and there is a row of rocks in front of the door like teeth. It also has a cute little porch swing that bangs up against the house even if there isn't wind blowing it around. It stops when they get to the door. Let's not forget the really creepy taxidermy shed out back. I;m sorry but this is another instance where I would turn around and find a hotel or something. 

In this movie the evil is freed through the reading of passages from the Book of the Dead. Bound in human flesh and inked in blood this has the power to posses the living. A creepy sound and the cellar door blows open. They move downstairs to find out what caused it. While down there they find the book a tape recorder, and a skeleton dagger. They listen to the recording to see what is on it and the professor who has translated the book reads the passages. It calls forth the evil lurking in the woods and well, all Hell breaks loose. 

They try to escape the evil and our main character Ash takes his sister and they try to leave. When they come to the bridge they crossed to get there it has curled up like bonny fingers. One by one the evil posses them and dismemberment and gore ensue. This is a non stop gore fest but it is so cheesy and fake you can't help but laugh. 

I could go on an don about how much I love this movie but I will leave you with one final thing. I love the goofy claymation death at the end of this movie. It was hilarious. If you like cheesy horror this is definitely to you. This is another submission for the RIP challenge over at Stainless Steel Droppings. 



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