Halloween Week 2014

It's my favorite time of year again. Halloween is quickly approaching and I am doing my Halloween Week again this year. I had so much fun reviewing horror movies that are part of my Halloween tradition that I am doing this again. The second annual Halloween Week has officially begun. 

Last year I reviewed the Remakes of all my favorite Horror films. I reviewed Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween. This year I have an extra day in the week leading up to Halloween so I am adding the review for Evil Dead. Last year I reviewed the remake of Evil Dead when it came to Blu-Ray so I am adding the original to this week. I have been re-watching the classics all month getting ready for the next few days. It has been a good while since I have had a new post every day but this week is special.

Well, the pumpkins are carved and my kids have their costumes., They are all ready to go Trick-or Treating. I'm as always excited to take them out on there short little trip to gather as much candy as possible. They are young still so the bulk of the candy they bring in is snacked on by my wife and I. I think I have one more year before my son gets wise to our eating of his candy and it will have to end; or I will have to get better at being sneaky.

I would like to see more participation from my readers here on my blog so I am going to throw this out there. What movies would you like to see me review next Halloween Week? I love horror movies and I have seen a lot of them. I do tend to stick with more of the classics and stay away from the over the top gore fests like Hostel, but I want to know if there are movies that you would like to read my take on for next year. I know this is sill y to ask now with a year before I would watch and write them, but I thought I would get some ideas. Let me know in the comments what you like as you favorite Horror movie and what you would like me to review next year. If I get enough suggestions I might do a few of them throughout the year so there isn't a long wait. 

For those of you who celebrate this awesome holiday, I wish you a very Happy Halloween. Hope ti is a fun and safe one. 


  1. I have never really loved horror movies. I don't know why... I just don't like to be scared really. Now with my anxiety high I just avoid anything that can get me nervous. I know some people just love horror movies though!

  2. I love being scared. Aside from these listed here I love the scary movies that are all about what you don't see like the Conjuring. My Anxiety has been really bad but it is getting better since I have gone down to one job. Horror movies don't make it worse for me but help get my mind off what causes my attacks so they are kind of an escape for me. I get to be scared and yet know if it gets to be to much I can turn it off and it all goes away. I can't do that with the daily stresses in life.


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