Halloween (1978)

There isn't a better movie to end my Halloween week than this one. Halloween Night is the night young Michael Myers snaps and kills his family. Decades later Michael is a patient at an asylum and finds breaks out. He returns home to finish the killing spree he started as a kid. Halloween night is when he returns to Haddonfield. Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, Michael Myers is a giant hulking silent killer. Sure Leatherface does some grunting and  occasional scream he doesn't say anything. Nothing can stop Michael when he sets his mind to something. 

I did mention in my Friday the 13th review that it is a lot of fun seeing these big actors when they were first starting out. This wasn't Jamie Lee Curtis's first role but it was very early in her career. She has come a long way since this movie. The was the movie that gave her the moniker of Scream Queen.

The thing about Michael Myers is the mask. This is the thing that makes him stand out from other mask wearing horror movie villains. Michael's mask is very plane. It is the most human looking of all of the masks. Ok, so Leatherface's mask is actually made of human skin but it is all pieced together where Michael's mask is just a white face with hair. Another Slasher movie that is unforgiving and packed with multiple stabbings. I really like this movie but this is one franchise that I can't say I am a fan of all of the movies. The newer movies before Rob Zombie did the reboot, Halloween Resurrection, and Halloween H2O were horrible. The 3rd Halloween movie wasn't about Michael Myers at all but about witches who control a small town. 

John Carpenter did a great job with this movie. The filming was very well done and it was an interesting story not just a hack and slash. He also composed the music for this movie. His theme for Halloween has become so recognizable that you can't go anywhere this time of year without someom having it as their ring tone. Personally my Halloween ring tone is Alice Cooper's Keeping Halloween Alive. I have to be different and I love classic metal. 

Tonight I will be out with my wife and my two little ones having a great time. I'm so glad Halloween falls on a Friday this year. I'm always beat after everything and it will be nice to relax on Saturday before the craziness of the next bout of holidays begin. I will write my wrap up post this weekend but I will thank you all in advance for sticking with me this week. Happy Halloween!!!


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