Flashback Friday

I'm a big fan of The Flash but that wasn't the case till the Rebirth story line came out. As I have mentioned Geoff Johns is a genius of a writer in the comic book world and his run on the Flash was amazing. 
 I was hooked on the whole story and the idea that there is this singular force the grants the few members who have worn the red suit incredible speed with limitless possibilities. There have been several men who have been called the Flash and most of them are still around and the world has several speedsters. The Golden Age Flash is Jay Garrick, and then we Have Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen. Barry Allen is the one that usually is refereed to when you think of the Flash. He is the one who has had his own show and is returning to the screen for the CW in the newest incarnation of the Flash. 

I was a huge fan of the show back in the 90's. I was really bummed when it only got one season. I'm still upset about it to this day because even though it was cheesy I really liked all of those cast in the different rolls. John Wesley Shipp was the perfect choice for Barry Allen and guess what. He is coming to the new Flash series in the roll of what I would guess is Barry's father since IMDB has his character name as Henry Allen. The original series was a good bit different from the comics but it was fun to see what characters they were going to create or bring in from time to time. I also loved seeing which guest stars they would have on this show. Just to name a few Mark Hamill, Angela Bassett, David Cassidy, Denise Crosby, and Brian Cranston. Watching this series currently I enjoy playing spot the celebrity. I recently bought the whole series on iTunes so my son and I can watch this. He is 4 and loves all superheroes. He had this little Flash mask and loved running around our place pretending to be a character he knew very little about. Now on weekends and sometimes late at night I will curl up on the couch with him and we will watch an episode or two. Making great memories for him and getting to spend some quality father son time is a lot of fun for me. Just check out how awesome the old series was. 

With all the focus on Marvel bringing the Avengers to the screen DC is trying to finally get their Justice League project going. They have talked about a Justice League movie for over a decade now I think. The CW brought Green Arrow to the screen for the first time and it has done very well. Last season in Arrow we got to meet Barry Allen and see him begin his transformation into the Flash. Now there is a new series for a whole new generation and I am excited. I have a few reservations about the show but I will reserve my judgement until I get to watch it. The first thing that irks me a little is the suit in this new show. Why does it have to be leather? Yes the suit from the 90's was clearly foam and a little tight, but I don't care for the dark red leather. I'm also a little concerned that this show will fall into the annoying plot formula that Smallville had for the first few seasons. From the preview of the new series they are searching for Metahumans, people who have been affected by the particle accelerator exploding. To me this seems like an easy way out of writing great characters. For the first few seasons of Smallville every episode was about a meteor freak. Someone who was affected by the Kryptonite that crashed when Superman landed. This caused a great bit of woe is me and guilt for Clark and was a poor attempt at adding drama to the show. I fear this will be the same formula here. I loved Smallville despite this plot weakness so I'm sure I will enjoy the Flash. Check back for my review of the show once it airs on October 7th on the CW. 


  1. I watched the first episode and enjoyed it. I think it is light and fun and I have been looking for that. Gotham I enjoy but it is very dark and violent. Sometimes it is too hard for me to watch. I haven't been blogging a lot lately but love to go out and visit other blogs.

  2. I love Gotham!!! It is just as dark as Batman deserves. I watched the first episode of the Flash too and did enjoy it. I want to see one more episode before I write my review for the new series, but it's coming.

    Don't worry about not blogging much. I haven't been on line much except to write reviews and post them. I haven't been to your blog much lately. I need to catch up on what I've missed.


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