Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet2000 by Dav Pilkey


I'm always digging through Net Galley to find comics and books that I really want to read in hopes of being selected for a review. I also enjoy looking through what is available from Scholastic. Now that I am only working one amazing job I am home in the evenings and can read to my kids again. I love looking for books that I think my son will like. I have seen these books for years and always thought it might be worth reading. Now that my son is almost 5 I figured now would be a good time to start. Scholastic and NetGalley were kind enough to allow me to read this to my son and review it here. 

Now I don't recommend starting here in the series. There is a lot that happens before this that kind of leaves gaps in the story, but for the most part there was plenty of explanation as to who everyone is and how things got going. This book is one solid story, but the way it is told it almost feels like two stories in one. At the very beginning everything happens so quickly, then things shift and it is like staring the book all over again with a new story. It all ties together in the end. 

I liked this and so did my son. There is a lot of toilet humor (I know, Shocking right) which is exactly what a 4 year old boy loves.  There is quite the vocabulary in these books and I don't mean the potty talk, but they actually have some adult words through out the book to help teach kids a bigger vocabulary. The one problem I had with this book was the comic flip book scenes. Really that is more my fault and I can't complain about it really. If you have the paper back version then there are sections that play out like a flip book. Having it as a digital ebook you are not able to do that. 

The little action scenes in this book are funny and some of the word play is clever. My son doesn't quite understand it but it gives the adults who read these to there children a little laugh. Even my wife who wasn't really listening as I read this would laugh from time to time.

This was a cute book and we both had some fun reading it. My son is already asking when we can read more Captain Underpants. My wife told me that while I was at work he came running out of his room in his own underpants with a shirt around his neck like a cap shouting I am captain underpants. Wish I could have been home to see that. I give this a 4 out of 5 stars. 


  1. These books are so great for kids!! That was a bummer about the part where you couldn't flick through the cartoon part.

  2. Yeah, the downside to digital books. Still it was a fun read for both of us.

  3. the downside to digital books. The app I have to use also loads pages really slow. So I couldn't speed flip either.


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