The Walking Dead Vol 19: March to War by Robert Kirkman


I'm just waiting for the big battle that is about to come. I'm was anxious to get through this book so I could move on to All out War Part 1. Rick has had it in this book, and it didn't take long for him to snap and take things into his own hands. Since the title is march to war and the next book is called all out war I feel safe in saying Rick's attempts go south and all it does is make Negan insanely angry. 

Yet again another book with practically no zombies. The series is because of a zombie apocalypse but there is only a small amount of them. The rest of the book is purely character driven. The story was pretty good and I couldn't put this one down. There were very few slow moments in this book but otherwise I enjoyed this one. The plot keeps building towards the war that is coming, my only concern is what is going to happen next. I feel as if once this conflict is over then there is nowhere else for our characters to go. They have already been through more than I could have even imagined and I can't see a road beyond the War. 

With little to no zombies and failed assassination atemps this story was pretty good. It is easy for me to give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I'm almost caught up with the books that are out right now. Two more to go and I am anxious to see where out characters will be when the dust settles


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