The Lake by Richard Laymon


I have heard a lot of good things about Richard Laymon's books. A few are even sitting on my to-read shelf. I was browsing through the available horror audio downloads on my library's web site and came across this. The description sounded interesting so I thought why not. This book was a middle of the road kind of novel. 

There were some interesting spots that held my attention and kept it from being dull, but at the same time there were a few things I just didn't care for. To start, I will stay positive for a little bit. There is some mystery introduced in the very beginning that opens up a bunch of questions about our characters and their pasts. The questions I had surrounding Lee were answered about a quarter of the way through and then that was the end of my interest in her. Still her story was for the most part one that kept me from stopping the book and going on with other things. The other thing I enjoyed was the eerie feel of there being something in the dark but you can't be sure. That feeling is a heavy undertone to this book. Sometimes we get a glimpse as to what's out there only to find we were in a dream with one of our main characters.

So far my review doesn't make a whole lot of sense, that i how I felt the book was. There are so many scenes in this book that happened and I was really confused. Then it turns out it is all a dream. Then there were dreams that Deana was having through out the book and we never really find out why. She is just this troubled girl with no reason to be troubled at first. These dreams were happening before her little tragedy began. Another thing that really irked me. There was a lot of sex, and talk about sex in this book. If I was reading a romance novel I would be fine with it but I was supposed to be reading a horror novel. A little sex is expected because most horror movies and stories have some. I just got sick of reading every time the mother and daughter saw a guy they had an "Exciting tingle" between their legs. Really, are these characters so promiscuous that the sight of ever man turns them on. How did this help advance the story??? I wanted a great horror story and instead I got let down. It was tough to keep going because I seemed to get frustrated with each new chapter.

I couldn't stand any of these characters which made it hard to find a reason to feel sorry for them and hope that it would all turn out ok. I honestly could go on for pages about the things that bothered me in this book but I think I will move on. I wasn't a fan. This has not put me off of Richard Laymon because there was some decent moments that brought goosebumps to my arms. I have also read a lot of reviews that said this is his worst book so my hope is it is all up hill from here. I will read more of him at some point but for now I will give this book 2 out of 5 stars. Really I feel it is 1.5 star worthy but it doesn't deserve a single star.

This will be my fourth entry into the RIP Challenge. This completes my challenge of the Peril the First. I will keep going on this challenge because this is my favorite book blog event all year. This is the time of year that I love reading horror and suspense a little more than usual.



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