Calling all comic book fans. Calling all Batman fans. This is the series we have all been waiting for. There have been a few live action series dedicated to Superman but really nothing for Batman. Superman had the George Reeves Adventures of Superman, Dean Cain's Louis and Clark the New Adventures of Superman, and Tom Welling's Smallville. Aside from Adam West's Batman there hasn't been anything for our caped crusader. Even Gotham isn't about Batman, but about what happened prior to Bruce Wayne taking up the mantle of the Bat. 

Gotham starts of with a bang. Litterally, the show opens with the most graphic depiction of the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne. I have seen this done in several movies but this was the most real, and gut wrenching scene I have viewed about this event in Batman's history. We then see the investigation into the murder and what Gotham City is really like. In this series we meet all of the famous Batman characters just years before the city was changed for the better. Jams Gordon has just made detective and is the only decent cop on the force. He promises to Bruce Wayne he will find his parents's Killer and put him away. He also is trying to figure out how to clean up the crooked police force that he has become as corrupt as the criminals they arrest. 

There is an amazing cast of characters and the actors chosen for these rolls are perfect. Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy ???, Harvey Bullock, Carmine Falcone, Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon, and Bruce Wayne are all living out their humble beginnings which will lead them to be the characters we know from the comics. We even get a whole new character played by Jada Pinkett Smith. Her character of Fish Mooney is completely new to the Batman Mythos so there is the potential for endless opportunities. I do have my issues with some characters like Penguin but I am open to see where the story takes them. My issue with Penguin is the fact that he doesn't have the three finger flippers like he does in the comic book and I was worried about him playing a lowly thug for Fish Mooney when the Penguin is a bigger character. It is only the pilot so I will see what happens. 

It has been a long time since I have written a review on a movie. They have all been book reviews here on my site, but after watching the Pilot on Monday night I had to write about this. My wife and I both spent about 90% of the show with goosebumps. We loved it and, dare I say it, I can't wait for Monday. I'm hooked already and even bought my season pass on iTunes so every new episode will be mine to watch over and over again. I will this series and say at this moment based solely on the Pilot episode, this is worthy of 5 out of 5 stars. I would give this 10 out of 10 but I have to stick to some sort of constant in my blog posts. 

If you missed the pilot episode of Gotham I urge you to rush to your on demand, iTunes, or where ever you can stream recent episodes of TV shows. This is my new favorite show for the Fall. Here is the trailer for you to check out and decide for yourself. 

This will be my first entry into the RIP challenge under the heading of Peril on the Screen. I am so glad I have an outlet to share my thoughts on some of my favorite things and being able to include this in my favorite challenge of the year is really exciting. 



  1. Thanks for the suggestion I will check out his blog. The title alone sounds like me. I'm glad you liked his show too. I think it is very well done and can't wait to see where the series goes.

    I'm really excited about the Flash too. I bought the original series on iTunes and my son and I have been watching it on the weekends. I hope the new series is good.


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