The Copper Bracelet by Jeffery Deaver


This is amazing for the simple reason that this was written by 16 different authors. This is the sequel to The Chopin Manuscript bringing Harold Middleton back for another adventure. The Chopin Manuscript was originally a serial audio book. Every week there was a new chapter written by a different author. My favorite author, Jeffery Deaver, Wrote the first chapter in that one and this book setting the story. After he set every thing up each author wrote the next chapter and steered the story in the direction they wanted. At the very end Jeffery Deaver wrote the last chapter to finish off the book.

This book has a much more intense plot line that takes the story all around the world. In this book there isn't just adventure and action but a massive threat of nuclear war. Some of my favorite characters are back in this book but we also get to meet a few more. The way that each author is able to seamlessly mesh these chapters together and make it seem like one person wrote it is amazing. It really does make me want to check out some of these authors. If they can write this well then I'm sure I would enjoy their individual books. I have read Lee Child before and his stuff is good.

I really liked this book but there were a few things that kept this from a full 5 star review. A lot of reviews I have read as well as interviews with the authors who contributed say this is better than the first book. I disagree. There were a few times that I found my mind wandering away from the story. The Chopin Manuscript held my attention all the way through which is why I think that one was better. The addition of new characters was great, but it came close to Stephen King territory with almost to many to be able to keep straight.

This is a great book and a lot of fun to read/listen too. If audio books aren't your thing, then you can get this book and the Chopin Manuscript in the book called Watchlist. I highly recommend both books to any fans of mystery novels. Especially if you are a fan of any of these authors you will enjoy reading this. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I know the cover is small so here is a list of the authors who wrote this book.

Jeffery Deaver     Linda Barnes
Gayle Lynds        Jenny Siler
Jim Fusilli            P.J. Parrish
John Gilstrap       Brett Battles
Joseph Finder     Lee Child
Lisa Scottoline    Jon Land
David Corbett    James Phelan


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