It's My Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday. I have been blogging for over a year now and didn't bother with a Birthday post last year. Why write one now you might ask? The reason is because a lot has happened over this past year and I have changed. I figured I would share more about myself and let you get to know the man behind the posts. 

To start with I'm not afraid or ashamed of my age. Today I turn 31. There were times last year where I felt that I should have accomplished more in my life and then I realized that I have just begun to realize my dreams and goals. I want to be a writer, I want to write the next bestseller and I worried I was getting to old to do it. So Stephen King started writing at 19, he is 66 now and still cranking out some of the best books I have read so I hold hope that I will be able to at least get a book published in the future. Now to get off my butt and start writing. I'm still a young guy even though I find more and more grey showing up at my temples everyday. 

I'm very fortunate to share my birthday with my Dad. I was born on his birthday and he still to this day says I was the best gift he ever got for his birthday. I was sure after my rough teenage years he would have reconsidered that statement. Now I have the absolute joy of spending my birthday with my amazing wife and two beautiful children. I saw my Dad yesterday to celebrate our birthday but today is just for us. Sadly this is the first birthday I will have to work on, but we will be going out to dinner to one of my favorite places

So what has happened this year? Not only have I found my feet with this whole blogging thing, but I have opened up and come out of my shell. I have always been a very closed shy person and that has changed, this blog is a huge reason why. I am much more willing to express myself and get to know people. This year has seen a lot of challenges and troubles but finally something has gone right for me and my family. In November I was hired at a Financial firm for my very first big boy job. it didn't quite work out as I had hoped but I was able to stay on as a part time associate. Because of that I had to stay at my old job part time and work two jobs in order to keep health benefits and a full time income. This was a very tough 8 months, working two jobs I wasn't never home and I never got to spend any time with my family.  Finally, after a few applications and interviews I found a full time position with my firm. I moved from a part time Flex associate to working on the Customer Identification Program as part of our Anti-Money Laundering area. It is an amazing job and I am so happy. My days of retail are over and I have regular hours with nights, weekends, and Holidays off. I have loved spending time with my family.

This year was also when my Daughter turned 1. My blog tuned 1 in July and my Daughter did in May. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone, and even more impressive is that my wife and I have survived our 4 year old and a new baby. There were times it seemed like a very daunting task. I'm so great full for everything that 2014 has brought me after so many years or struggle and frustration. My blog has been great to get my reviews out there to more people, but I think I will start to get a little more personal with this thing. Why shouldn't my readers know more about me? I'm going to give this some thought, but expect some more posts in the future that allow me to share my life with you all. 

Yes, today I am at work. The one nice thing about working in retail is I could always have my Birthday off if I requested the day early enough. I have a job that I love and am very happy professionally so I am ok with working my birthday. Maybe next year since I wont be the new guy I will ask to use a vacation day for my birthday. After work my Wife will be picking me up with our kids and we will be enjoying a birthday dinner as a family. That is really all I want for my birthday. Hope everyone has a great Monday and a good week. 


  1. I always love reading personal posts from the book bloggers I follow. Happy Birthday! How fun that you share it with your dad. I share my birthday with my husband. I am so happy about you finding a great job too. You know.. in life.. all I want to do is be around my family too. On my birthday.. that is what is most important. I don't need gifts.. or flowers. I just want dinner and a night at home. Hope you have a wonderful night!

  2. Happy Birthday! May 31 be even better than 30. And if it's not...well, there's always 32! ;)

  3. Szever (The Dork Portal)August 11, 2014 at 7:36 PM

    Happy birthday!

    Nothing wrong with throwing some personal stuff in the blog. Heck most of my reviews are mixed with personal stories.

  4. Thanks Angie. I did have a pretty good night with my family.

    How cool that you share your birthday with your husband. I like sharing mine with my Dad and I know a few people who's birthday is today also. Thanks for the Birthday wishes.

  5. Thank you very much. 30 was pretty impressive with my new job but I have a good feeling about 31. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  6. Thanks, I have noticed that you put a lot of yourself in your reviews. I guess I am still warming to the idea of putting myself out there more. Thanks for stopping by. I love comments.


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