Wonderstruck by Brain Selznick


I have sat here at my computer looking at the blinking cursor trying to figure out what to say about this book and I am just at a loss. There are some books that you don't expect to take your literary breath away and this childrens' book did that to me. My wife and I took turns reading Selznick's other book  The Invention of Hugo Cabret to our son and really had a great time. We liked that book and when we found out that Selznick had written this one we added it to our to-read list. We finally got around to grabbing this at our library and we again took turns reading this each night as a family. All three of us loved this book. 

This is really cool to read. The book is huge at 640 pages but most of those are pictures. We would read 100 pages a night and it really didn't take much time to get through. Brain Selznick is not only the author of this amazing book but also its illustrator. His pictures tell a story all on their own and really make words unnecessary. They are so detailed that it makes some of the artwork I have seen in comic books seem like kindergarten drawings. There is a scene with the city of New York at night all lit up and every window can be seen in each building with lights.

In this book we follow two characters Rose, and Ben. Ben's story is told through the actual writing of the book and Rose's story is told through the illustrations. I can't stress enough how well Selznick tells a story with just his illustrations. We didn't need words to know what was happening. The way the two stories come together at the end gave me goosebumps. It was my wife's turn to read when it came to the ending, and she had a hard time getting through it at times because of the emotion in this story.

I wish I could tell you all the amazing things about this book that made it so enjoyable for all of us. Read this!!! Get past the fact that it is a book geared towards children because it is written very well and not once felt like we were reading down to our son if that makes sense. This book has made its way into my favorites list and one I will be buying to add to our collection. I already can't wait to read this again when my daughter gets a little older. If you can't tell by now I am going to give this book my highest honor of 5 out of 5 stars. I'm also picky about what books I consider favorites and this is one of them. 


  1. You have just made me want to read this. I have seen a few people blogging about it but I had no idea it had illustrations!! I love unique books like that.

  2. Then I think you will love this book. The story was amazing and the illustrations were incredible. You need to get this from your library and read it soon. You could easily finish it in an evening. We liked it so much we will be buying our own copy for future readings.


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