The Walking Dead vol 12: Life Among Them by Robert Kirkman

Things are looking bleak for our band of heroes. Living in the church has been hard, food is running low and there is nothing in the near by neighborhoods left to scavenge. Just as things are looking like the end for the group a stranger happens by with an unbelievable offer. 

This book brought back the strength and suspense that was in earlier books. This new offer brings with it security, food, and a chance at a normal life. Too good to be true? I think so and so do some of our characters. I like this new chapter in the story. I felt just as skeptical as the characters here and kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. I think there was only one Zombie attack in the whole book but the new turn in the story kept me turning pages like a mad man. The plot and well written characters were enough to make this a great read without relying on the zombies to carry the action. 

It was nice to see this little beacon of hope while still secretly knowing this could go very bad at any moment. This book just builds from the very beginning. There isn't a peak just yet in the story but you can feel something is coming all the way through. I am anxious for the next book to come in at the library so I can see what happens next. At the very end we find out the Rick has a plan but we have no idea just what that is. There are a few things that lead the reader to what is ahead but nothing is set in stone. 

I really enjoyed this book and where I felt the last few books seemed to putter out plot wise, this has started to come back from mediocrity. I give this 4.5 stars. It's not quite a perfect read but I finally see the story getting stronger again and If the plot continues to get better than I'm excited to see what is coming next. 


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