The Walking Dead Vol 8: Made to Suffer by Robert Kirkman

Here is the warning; if you haven’t read these books there might be some spoilers that might ruin the previous volumes for some. It is so hard to write reviews of these later volumes without letting something slip. I will not allow spoilers for this book so no worries there. After the Governor was sliced and diced by Michonne there was a moment when I thought that was the end of him. I knew there was more to the Governor in the show but since the two are so different at times I wondered if this was the end of him. Well the cover alone should tell you that he is back and he is pissed.
The Governor has rallied the people of Woodbury and he is storming the Prison. With ideas of peaceful surrender being shouted at Rick and everyone in the prison they know there will never be peace with the Governor. Rick begins to form a plan of attack because he knows that one is coming against them. The Governor wants revenge and the prison and he plans to take both by any means necessary.
I really liked this volume but I want to point out a few tiny grievances I have. As odd as this will sound, there wasn’t a lot of reading to this story yet it was wordy. Let me explain; there are several crazy rants from the Governor that could have easily been shortened. My wife told me she skimmed these sections because she already knew the Governor was crazy and homicidal, she didn’t need repeated. I can understand what Robert Kirkman was trying to do, but I think he could have gotten his point across a bit faster. When it comes to the battle it seems that no one from the prison can shoot a gun. I know that for several volumes they have worked at target practice and how to handle a gun.  They have shot walkers who don’t move as fast but it seemed like everyone was picking up a gun for the first time and sometimes got lucky.
What I loved about this book was how well the story was told in the artwork. There is so much of this book that has zero dialog but through the facial expressions of the characters and the detail in each panel you know exactly what is going on. These books may not have the best comic artwork I have seen but I have to applaud how well these panels helped advance this story. Had the rants been a little shorter I would easily give this volume 5 stars. This is one of my favorites in the series, but because even I rolled my eyes during the Governor’s rants I am giving this 4 out of 5 stars.


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