The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons by Joseph Delaney

This was an intense story for this series. A lot of emotional themes and some impressive battles made this one of my favorites of the series. Tom’s mother left for her homeland after the passing of his father a few books back. Now she has returned to ask Tom for his help in stopping the oldest and most powerful witch who will bring nothing but destruction in her wake.
Tensions run very high in this book between the Spook and Tom and his mother. The Spook tells Tom that if he goes off to help his mother, he will not be welcomed back as his apprentice. Tom can’t refuse his own mother though so it puts him in a tricky spot. Of course Tom chooses to fight alongside his mother otherwise there wouldn’t be a book. To make things worse for Tom the Fiend is trying to coerce him to join him on the Dark Side. Yes, it does sound like Star Wars with a light and dark side but I looked past that.
I was hooked on the story from the very beginning. The previous book left things unfinished so I picked this up right away. Tom is growing up faster than he should and is faced with some very grown up decisions; how he handles them will determine his future. There was a lot crammed into this book and at times I did get lost since I was listening to this in audio form. I would have to go back a chapter just so I could figure out what they were talking about.
There is so much I would like to say about this book but I fear it would be spoilers so I will wrap this up. I felt that the story didn’t have a slow point and once it got going I had a hard time stopping. To the very end I was anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. I loved this story and really hope the rest in this series live up to this one. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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