Grimm Fairy Tales: OZ by Joe Brusha

I have really enjoyed the Grimm Fairy Tales comics that I have read. Sleepy Hollow was my favorite and I have not found one of these to top that yet. Whenever I browse through Netgalley I always get excited to see a new one of these pop up. I like The Wizard of Oz, but I am not in love with the movie or story like a lot of people I know. Still, I was curious to see what Zenescope's take would be on this classic tale.
I was impressed with how well the story grabbed my attention. The main plot is the same as what you would expect, Dorothy has to stop the wicked witch to save the land of Oz, but it was the character twists that I really enjoyed in this story. Dorothy was pretty much the same type of character except that she has wizard like magic that she doesn’t even know she has. We kind of get to learn bits and pieces about this as she does but I really wish more of that was explained. The Scarcrow is not your farm field decoration come to life. This character is that way because he is being punished for something he did, what he did I can't remember as I write this. Like in medieval times when they would lock someone in the stockade to be publicly humiliated and tormented, those who don’t follow the rules are punished with becoming Scarecrows.
The other characters were intriguing and I liked how they were handled. Our cowardly Lion is not as cowardly as I had expected. He is a great warrior who is determined to put an end to the Wicked Witch even if he has to do it alone and perish in the process. This sounds like the exact opposite of the Cowardly Lion, but about halfway through the book we get a glimpse into his past and Joe Brusha did a great job at showing why he is cowardly. I won’t spoil anything for you in case you want to give it a read yourself. The Tin Man was not as impressive as I had hoped. I was kind of hoping for a Terminator type half man half machine character since Zenescope tends to take these classic characters to extremes. Instead they made a more butch version of the original tin man, but this one has more to him than you might think.
I thought this was a pretty good story, and I am glad I read it. If they continue this series I will have to wait and see where the plot is going. This kind of felt like a one hit wonder; I liked it but now that I have finished I don’t think I will revisit Oz. I will give this 3.5 out of 5 stars. Of course I will round this up to 4 for Goodreads and Amazon, but I stand by my 3.5.


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