Batman/Superman Vol 1: Cross World by Greg Pak

Batman has been my all-time favorite Superhero since before I could read, and Superman has been a close second. I really enjoy the friendship that seems to always be in these stories no matter how many times DC reboots their series. Of course Batman feels like he has to have a backup plan in case the Man of Steel goes berserk, but they still find a way to trust each other. This book really captured this friendship very well.
Anyone who has read DC comics for some time knows that there is more than just one universe. Earth, Earth 2, Earth Prime and many many more have different versions of our heroes.  In this Book Batman and Superman run into the Chaos Bringer and she sends our heroes to Earth 2. Why she does this we don’t know till the very end, but when our Batman and Superman run into their younger counterparts the story gets interesting.

Earth 2’s version of Superman and Batman haven’t found that friendship or trust yet. They fight constantly when they are around each other they act as if the other is a criminal. Superman is no more than a teenager trying to learn just what he is capable of. The Kid hasn't even learned to fly yet, he just hops around like a super bunny. His age also means he is one moody superhero. Batman in Earth 2 is very arrogant, more so than our own version, and really full of himself. 
The beginning starts off a little on the slow side but really picks up and doesn’t stop. Watching the different version of Batman and Superman fight it out made for some great action scenes. There are also appearances from Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Lois Lane. What would a graphic novel be without a conflict that all of them have to learn to work together to stop? There are a few things thrown in through out this book that seems to be setting up a big story with Darksied in the future, should be a good one.
I liked this book and I am looking forward to see just where this series goes. I miss the monthly Batman/Superman series from before the New 52. This isn’t as good but I can say that I thought this was a 4 out of 5 star book.


  1. You are getting a lot of books read! I enjoyed this one... I want to see where the series goes also. I didn't realize this was Earth 2. I must've missed something in it. I really enjoyed it! I think my review for this one goes up in a couple weeks. I am so far ahead on my comic reviews... even though I read it a few weeks ago! ARGH! Maybe I should just post comic reviews more often.

  2. I think you should post comic reviews more often. I love reading what you have read and what you think. We do tend to read the same books. Since I've decided to only post 3 times a week to take some of the stress off I'm actually ahead on reviews. I have the next week and a half scheduled already. I really enjoyed this and hope to be able to read vol 2 as soon as I can.

  3. I am so ahead for once on my blog too. Sometimes.. I forget what I posted since it's so far out. LOL! I think though in June I will be behind again.

  4. You're set till June! Now I'm jealous. I have the next week and a half right now but I need to write three more posts to get me through the next week.


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