Batman Vol 4: Zero Year-Secret City

Batman is my all-time favorite superhero and Scott Snyder has done an absolutely amazing job writing the story line since the New 52.  I have loved every one of the volumes he has written. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite comic writers up there with Geoff Johns who has written Green Lantern and Flash. This was a great book but I have to be honest, I’m tired of the Batman origin story. That is one story I feel needs to stay the same as it was first written and not changed to much.
Scott Snyder did a great job keeping to the story I know and love, but his little additions were pretty cool. We get a little more of an origin to Edward Nigma (The Riddler) and the Joker as part of his becoming Batman tale. Snyder did throw in an Uncle for Bruce which felt off to me. I have been reading Batman for a very very long time and I have read all that I can and I don’t remember an Uncle. Maybe I’m wrong, comment and let me know. I can admit that I don’t know everything Batman and I love discussion.
The art work was pretty good on top of the story. I was impressed with some of the detail in the smaller panels. It really made the whole book come together very well. This may sound odd but a lot of the art work really conveys the personality of even some of the background characters. I enjoyed seeing what was coming next as much as I would reading this. Very well done and I really like the artists for this run.
Here is one thing I really enjoyed about this origin story and it didn’t even pertain to Bruce becoming Batman. I liked the Red Hood Gang. This is just as much an origin for this gang as it is for Batman. One of my favorite stories is the Killing Joke where we get Joker’s origin story. I have always wondered if there was more to the red hood they made the joker wear before he became who he is. This was really interesting to see this gang try to take over Gotham. Learning little bits and pieces about them throughout the book was great.
I want to give this a 5 out of 5 but I can’t. There were little instances that I felt I struggled to get through. Great story and artwork overall I just had a few tiny issues with some aspects of the retelling of how Bruce became Batman. Definitely one I will revisit in the future and I feel should be on every Batman fans’ must read list. I have heard that Zero year will possibly be two more volumes in the Batman series so I am looking forward to seeing what comes next. I trust Scott Snyder to not let me down or ruin my favorite hero’s backstory. I give this 4 out of 5 stars


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