The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane by Joseph Delaney

I was really impressed with The Revenge of the Witch so I couldn’t wait for this book to come in at my library. I am hooked and looking forward to all the other books in this series. Sometimes I like coming in late on a series because, it looks like the last book in this series just came out. Now I can make my way through books 2-13 without having to wait a year to see how this ends.
I liked this book, but it wasn’t as strong as the first in the Last Apprentice series. I felt it had more down time and sections where I was just waiting for something to happen. Still I was really intrigued by the Bane.  This is a creature that has yet to be bested by a Spook (Demon Hunter). The only thing that could possibly be done is to attempt to contain it. In this case it is in the catacombs beneath Preistown. Our story opens up with the death of the Spook’s brother after a scrape with a very difficult Boggart. The Spook decides to attend his brother’s funeral and finally put an end to the Bane.
What I liked about the Bane character was the fact that little was known about it. We the reader, get to learn through trial and error just as Tom does. It really helped me get into the book and feel as if I was by Tom’s side trying to figure out what this creature really was. This creature can bend people to its will and cause them to become angry and violent all while he is trapped beneath the city. It’s power over the people is growing and it needs to be stopped sooner rather than later.
Not only do we get to learn about the Bane as we move through the story, but we get to learn more about our cast of characters. There are secrets being kept by most, and it was great to gain a little more depth and perspective of these characters that are working their way into my literary life. I think this was very well written. It just didn’t have the same intensity as the first book.  This book featured not just one enemy but two. Tom and the Spook not only had to contend with the Bane but with the Quisitor who has arrived in Preistown determined to hunt out those who deal in dark matters. Tom and the Spook are on his list, and they have to try to avoid capture while trying to pull the city from the grips of the Bane.
I am really enjoying this series, and I will be reading these to my son once he gets a bit older. The plots as well as the writing are very well put together, and I am officially hooked after this book.  I am going to give this book 4 out of 5 stars. It may have been a little slow at times but still a very good book. I look forward to posting the reviews of the other books in the future.


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