206 Bones by Kathy Reichs

The first book I read by Kathy Reichs was Monday Mourning and I loved it. I can’t remember why I decided to read her for the first time but I'm so glad I did. After that book I started to buy every one of her books available in hardcover.  I have had so much on my to-read list that I just couldn’t wait to read that I have let the Brennan series fall to the side and I am several behind. I have decided that I want to catch up on her books and Michael Connelly’s. They are some of my favorite authors and it's time to blow the dust off these books and revisit some of my favorite characters.
Either I have grown out of Kathy Reichs’s books or this just wasn’t one of her best. I was bored with the whole thing and by the end didn’t care how it wrapped up. I was even really annoyed with Brennan as a character. The book opens up with Brennan kidnapped and in a concrete room and then we flash back to what led up to it. Towards the end it seemed like Kathy Reichs forgot about the kidnapping and realized that she needed to let us know what happens. The main plot also has so many different bodies that I was getting confused as to which set of bones she was refereeing to.
When I first started to read these books I was in college and working on my degree in Forensic Science. Little did I know that once I got into the job world, Crime Labs only wanted Chemistry or Biology majors, but I loved my classes and working towards my degree. I loved all of the technical stuff that Brennan does, and that was part of what really drew me into this series. In this book I hate to admit it, but I was bored. There was a chapter just naming all the different bones in the body. It read like a text book, dry and monotonous. I really hope that I haven’t grown out of these books because I used to look forward to each new book. I am just so disappointed in this book and I never thought I would say that about one of her books.
It actually pains me to have to do this but I am only rating this 2 out of 5 stars when really it should be 1.5 stars. It isn’t the worst book I have read but I was so bored with this book. Not only was I bored but I really didn’t like Brennan much in this book. If she wasn’t working on some bones she was whining about how much she disliked Andrew Ryan, her on again off again boyfriend. I can’t stand that whiney relationship drama, that’s mainly why I avoid a lot of YA books. I don't like a lot of relationship drama in my mysteries. Even with my strong feelings against this book I’m not writing the series off yet. I have quite a few still to read and I can only hope that this was not one of her better books. Not every book is going to wow every reader, and this one didn't wow me at all.


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