The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Lately I have been trying to be more open to YA books. I really liked the Hunger Games series, and my wife is a big fan of the genre. We really enjoy talking about books together, so I want to know why she likes them so much. She reads some of the books I like, and I read some of hers when she thinks it is a story I might like. This was a book she thought I would enjoy, so I added it to my to-read list a long time ago. When the second book in this series, The Dream Thieves, was released, we saw that Maggie Stiefvater was going to be signing the book at our local library. My wife wanted to go, and I am always up for a book signing. 

Maggie Stiefvater was hilarious! She was so energetic and fun to listen to. We really had a great time. She was also really nice and let us get a picture with her. She kept talking about this car she bought. She uses it in her books and after a book release party let her fans take spray paint and have at it. The graffiti is really cool and those that painted it did a great job. As we were leaving I spotted it in the parking lot, so I snapped a picture with my iPhone and figured it would be a great addition to this post when I got around to reading the Raven Boys. 

On to the review. I wasn't as big of a fan of this book as my wife was. Don't get me wrong. I did like this book, but for me it seemed to take forever to get going. My wife kept assuring me that this is setting up the series, and it gets better towards the end, but I kept asking her if I missed anything. I was listening to this book on audio while at work, so I was afraid I was tuning it out unconsciously and missing good stuff. I wasn't missing anything. This book was just really setting up the characters. A little over half way through it started to build to the end. YA isn't my thing, but I know so many people who read these that I am willing to try it from time to time and give it a shot. 

Here is what I did like about the book. I really like her writing style. I have read books that are written in a dull monotone way. It can really make things drag in a book and cause even the more interesting parts to seem less than thrilling. I have also read other YA books that read like they were meant for 6 year olds. It is just the subject matter that makes it not suitable to follow Goodnight Moon. This was not the case with her writing. I was able to follow along very well without feeling lectured or talked down to. Even though I felt it was a little slow, it still held my attention. I will admit that I tend to miss things here and there listening to an audio book because my attention wanders, but that didn't happen very often with this one. 

Just when I thought I would be ok with just reading this book because it was pretty good, Maggie Stiefvater hooked me. The very end she has this little character interaction that grabbed me. Right away I thought, "Well now I have to read the next book". Yes we do have the second book, and I will be reading it some time in the near future. I have a lot on my to-read plate so it may have to wait a bit, but I will be reading more from her. I also want to read The Scorpio Races. Any book that has man eating horses is going to peak my interest.

Overall I am going to have to give this 3 out of 5 stars. I liked it, but it wasn't all I expected. Even the ending for me wasn't incredible. I do have a lot of respect for her writing and her as well. After getting to meet her, I am much more willing to keep reading her stuff. Now that the characters are established I am looking forward to seeing where she takes them in the next book in the Raven Cycle series.


  1. How fun that you guys went to a book signing!! I love book signings. I have to be honest.. I haven't read a Maggie book for a long time. My book club on goodreads read Shiver and she had agreed to stop by the group for a Q&A. It was my first one so I was very excited. I announced it and got people excited. Well she stopped by the group and didn't like what group members were saying about it, so she canceled the Q&A a couple days before. It was embarrassing to have to cancel it. She then signed up at another YA group for a Q&A there and funny thing is a lot of the members from my group went over to that group and asked the hard questions there. It's been a few years now and I suppose I should try her books again. She was a new author at the time and probably wasn't used to criticism.

    This is such a long post! LOL! I see you switched to disqus. It took a little time for me to get used to but I really like it now. I find a lot more people come back and respond to my replies.

  2. We had a lot of fun and she was really funny and entertaining. After meeting her I really wanted to read her stuff. I just started Dream Thieves today so I hope I like this more now that the characters are established. I'm sorry to hear your Q&A didn't go well. That must have been rough to have to cancel.

    I did switch to Disqus, I really like it on other blogs such as yours when I comment so I figured I would give it a shot. I am more likely to comment back on blogs because it sends me a message when I get a reply to my post and I don;t have to subscribe to all comments like on Wordpress. I'm still figuring out Disqus. I'm so glad you commented, I was afraid it wasn't working since no one has commented since I switched. Thanks for being my Guinea Pig for this.

  3. It was ruff to cancel... but like I said this was when her book was first published and I think maybe she didn't know how to deal. The exact questions about the book my group was having was added to the other group's Q&A so I just added those into my group so that the groups members could read them. After this though.. I learned a few things too. I don't allow authors who come to the group to join in on the conversations about the book. ONLY the Q&A. Then group members feel they can say what they want about the book without an author looking over their shoulder.


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