Monkey Me #2: Monkey Me and the Pet show by Timothy Roland

I love reading to my son. I don't get to do this very often but I love this time that he and I get to spend together. Awhile back I was fortunate enough to get approved for the first in this series by Schoolastic through NetGalley. My son and I loved it and when I saw this was available for approval I threw my name in. Again I was privileged to have the opportunity to read this for an honest review by Schoolastic through NetGalley. 

Oh what trouble our little Clyde got into in this book. Clyde is tired of getting hassled by The class bully, Ross and her cranky dog. So Clyde gets the bright idea to try and beat them in the local pet show. He is going to have his sister enter him as Monkey Me. Of course there are risks to being out in front of judges as a monkey not knowing when he will turn back to a boy, but Clyde is ready to show off his stuff. While participating in the pet show Clyde begins to see that there is more going on then poodles on parade.

My son and I really got a kick out of this book and there was plenty of laughing and giggling, and not all of that was from me. I asked my son which part was his favorite and he said it was when the animals surrounded the ... I don't want to spoil the surprise, but it was towards the end. He also loves the comic strip interludes. In these books, whenever Clyde turns into a Monkey the book is written like a comic book. Of course the comic strip is loaded with the goofy silly stuff, and I like to make sound effects to really emphasize the action. These parts are my sons favorite

This is a great series for youg kids, it has just the right amount of silliness and story to make this a very enjoyable read for all. I really liked this book, but I do feel the first book had a better story. I will give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I can't wait to see what trouble Clyde gets himself into in book 3.


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