Allegiant By Veronica Roth

I’m done!!!! I am finally finished with this series, and I can say without a doubt I am not impressed. It seems that people either love or hate this series, and I would lean away from love. I didn’t hate this series, but for me, my ratings of these books  just keep dropping. I liked Divergent and gave it 4 stars, but the only reason I rated it so high was the ending of that book was pretty good. The rest of the book was just boring. I read Insurgent, and that one I gave 3 stars because all it seemed to be was filler. Just something to keep fans hooked until book three. I usually save my ratings for the end but I’m just going to say it. This book only gets 2 stars from me.
There were quite a few things that irked me about this book, but I can’t talk about them all, or I might spoil an ending or something, so I will do my best to make sense without ruining any thin plot lines. The biggest thing with this book and the series was the constant “I love you. I hate you.” between Tris and Tobias. I’m so sick of the over dramatic romantic relationship between these two characters. I kept hoping one of them would just disappear. It’s one of those relationship (at least I thought) that is not healthy, but neither can see that they are miserable. We the reader can see this fact, but that is because we are not blinded by puppy love. Again this could just be me.
Since the list of what I don’t like about this book could go on awhile, here is what I liked about this. I liked after two and a half books finding out exactly what Divergent really is. The reveal was really anti-climactic, and I think even Tris said “Is that all”. I liked learning more about Tris’s mother and who Edith Prior was. I also liked learning more about the experiments that were how the factions started.  
One final note on this book, and I will do my best to not spoil anything. I was really disappointed with the ending. By the time I got there I really didn’t care what happened. Finally about three quarters through the book the story started to build. It reached a peak of sorts, and that was it. The rest of the book was explanation and then two years later.  I felt really disappointed and thought to myself “Why did I keep reading this series after the second book”? Plus there is an event that completely failed to elicit an emotional response from me. I know the author had to be going for shock, sadness, or anger, and honestly I just didn’t care what happened.
I am usually not this negative and still give a book 2 stars. The only reason I gave it two stars was for those things I liked that at least gave me closure on some issues. Other than that I am glad I’m done, and I can put this behind me.  I liked Hunger Games, and I am usually a fan of the Dystopian stories, but this whole series fell flat for me.


  1. I'm just about to start Insurgent soon so I just skimmed through your review so as to avoid learning anything I shouldn't. Good to know about the two stars though so I don't go in with high expectations. I had problems already with Divergent (I felt the world building was weak and had a few plot holes) but it's entertaining enough for me to keep reading (and I have OCD when it comes to finishing things). Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I know what you mean about being OCD about finishing stuff. I'm the same way. I hope going in with low expectations helps you enjoy the last two more than I did. My stars just kept dropping with each book.
    Divergent 4 stars
    Insurgent 3 stars
    Allegiant 2 stars (really more like 1.5)

  3. My mom is reading the series now and I told her get ready for the last book! I even saw the movie yesterday and thought it was decent. I just didn't love the ending to the series. It just was a big leap that I didn't think was the right way to go. The last book was even spoiled for me but I still wanted to read it.

  4. I'm glad the movie was decent. I liked the first book and still want to see the movie. We'll just wait for rental.


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