I'm a big fan of Detective Harry Bosch, Michael Connelly's main character who is both brooding and a loner, while still having a heart that cares about the welfare of a city. Bosch is the type of character that seems so one dimensional at first but has so many layers once you get into the stories. 

I have always felt that Harry Bosch had a noir feel to the character. I could see him in my head like Humphrey Bogart. I also tend to picture him as myself from time to time because I relate to the character a little. For years I have had this image of Bosch in my head. He is a character who I could turn to when I need a good adventure or escape. 

For the first time ever we get to meet Harry Bosch on screen, and is making this happen as part of their Prime Instant Video. Amazon has created several shows that they are allowing customers to view for free, rate them and then ultimately decide which becomes a series.  I will admit that I was nervous going into this. I have such a strong idea of this character that I was worried the show wouldn't live up to my expectations. However, the excitement I had at seeing it made into a show was overwhelming. I signed up for the mailing list so I could get all the updates and couldn't wait to sit down and watch it.

For the first 30 days after this release, which was Feb 6th, Amazon is allowing anyone to stream and review this. You don't have to be a paid subscriber to their Prime membership. If you have ever read any of the books I would say jump at this opportunity, and check it out before it becomes a paid episode or part of the Prime Instant Video.

Now for the review: I liked it. It is based off of the book City of Bones. Reading an interview with Connelly, the entire season, assuming they get picked up, will be based off of City of Bones and The Concrete Blond. This pilot is only setting things up. We see Bosch on trial for a shooting that the department cleared him for, but the widow is pressing charges. While on rotation Bosch is called to a doctor's home where his dog has found a human bone. I wish things would have progressed a little faster in the pilot, but the story and acting is there and has peaked my interest.

There were a lot of things that I really liked about this show. Bosch has a partner Edgar who is very fashion conscious, and I liked the fact that that was incorporated into the show. There is a line where Edgar mentions he hates decomp calls because the smell ruins his suits.  At one point he is also in the middle of the woods at a crime scene in a preppy sweater and nice slacks. One of the other big things I liked was Bosch's house. The house on the hill is something I have always pictured, and it was great to see it live up to expectations. I also liked the Jazz playing in the background just like in the books.

Titus Welliver is playing the part of Harry Bosch. I never thought about him in this role because in everything I have seen him in he is either a bad guy or a real jerk. When I heard that Connelly's books were going to be made into a show I thought long and hard about who I would want as Bosch and couldn't pick one actor. I think Titus Welliver was a really good choice. He lived up to my imaginations and expectations. I did really like this show and can't wait to watch the pilot again. If you are a fan of the books I would encourage you to watch this and provide feedback. I would love to see this get picked up to be a series. You can watch the episode by clicking the link under the picture up top. If you have watched it and would like to provide your feedback then click here: Amazon Originals Feedback.

There isn't a trailer out for this, but there are some videos on Michael Connelly's site if you want to check some out. I liked this behind the scenes clip and figured I would share it so you can get a feel for the show now.


  1. I loved Bosch and immediately left my review on Amazon. Since then I have been encouraging everyone to watch and do the same. I am ready for another episode NOW!

    1. I really liked this too. I'm hoping this gets picked up out of the other four amazon pilots. I really liked the book this is based off of. Can't wait to see where this goes if it gets picked up.


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