World War Z

I was very reserved when it came to watching this movie. I love zombie movies, but I read this book and seem to be the only person who didn't like it. The book for me was a real snooze fest. The whole book was survivors telling their stories of the war. It needed more to it, more action or plot, and more zombies. I had a hard time picturing the events that the survivors were talking about because the detail just wasn't there I thought. So when I saw they were making a movie about this book I decided to wait till rental. I am also not a fan of Brad Pitt, so right there this was one I didn't care if I ever saw. Still my wife was interested in seeing it, and when it came available at our library we checked it out. I was shocked at how much I liked this movie. The trailer did look promising, but after my disappointment with the book I didn't know what to expect.

This movie is basically the before of the book. It isn't some post apocalyptic Barbra Walters special like I feared this would be. We get to see the disease take over the world, and there is some heart pounding zombie attacks in this movie. I was really impressed with the make up and special effects. This also had a few moments of what I like to call the 'pop out' scare. You are watching the movie and don't realize that the music has stopped, and there is no sound. Then all of a sudden zombies fly out at the camera, and I jump out of my seat a bit. Usually I am not a big fan of this type of horror, but it worked really well.

One of the other nice things about this movie is that there is very little down time. The pacing keeps moving along and doesn't really give you a chance to settle back into your seat. The action scenes were intense, and my wife and I agree that zombies that can run like a track star on speed is just terrifying. I'm a fan of Walking Dead or Dawn of the Dead where the zombies are shuffling along. It makes it easier to feel like you can escape to freedom. These zombies seemed almost faster than they did when they were alive. This movie felt very real, like this is something that could happen any time and just wipe out civilization as we know it. All of these different aspects made this a really enjoyable movie. I am curious to see what they do with the sequel I have heard might be made. I hope it is along the same lines as this movie and not a movie version of the book. This was definitely worth watching.


  1. I was really afraid for this movie. I was delayed like 7 years so I thought... on no.. here goes a bomb. I really loved it. I mean... I don't really know that we need a sequel but maybe they'll do a really really good job with it. I even got to see the film in the theater for free because the film messed up!

    1. I was worried about this movie too which is why I put off seeing it for so long. I didn't care for the book at all, and I just don't like Brad Pitt. Once I watched it I was really impressed.
      I can see your reservations about a sequel and I would agree. Still, part of me really wants to see what they do with this. My hope is it isn't the book because 2+ hours of people talking and flashbacks is going to turn me into a zombie.


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