Thumbprint by Joe Hill

I love comics. If you have ever read my blog you would know that at times there are more graphic novel reviews posted than actual books. One series that I have been a big fan of is Joe Hill's Locke and Key. I really enjoyed the writing in the series. I am not a fan of his novels much, because I keep comparing him to his dad StephenKing. Every time I do, Hill comes up short, and I just can't get into the book. His graphic novel series was different for me and I really liked it. When I saw this Kindle single adapted into a graphic novel I jumped on the chance to read it.

Again I would have to admit that I was disappointed. The whole story is about soldiers behaving badly and the consequences of coming home with secrets. The idea sounded interesting. A soldier arrives home to find a mysterious thumbprint left on a card. The mystery drew me in at first, but I just couldn't get past the soldiers and their actions. I have read new articles, and this type of stuff happens. I am not in the military, so I have no idea what it is like to serve, but I like to think of our heroic men and women who do serve being honorable, and the stuff in this story bothered me. It kind of ruined the rest of it.

To add to this, the artwork wasn't very good either. There was a lack of detail to the panels that made this feel mediocre. This is a story driven book with little to no action. This makes sense that the art work isn't impressive since it is the story that is important. However, when I read a graphic novel I want to enjoy the art work just as much. This is one of those books where I've read it, and now I can move on. I will have to give this only 2 out of 5 stars. In the end I wasn't impressed with the story or the art work, and I slightly felt like I wasted the little time I have to read on this. I have a few other graphic novels I need to read and would have rather read those. I think Joe Hill is a good writer. I just think that he might not be for me. I am still looking forward to book 6 in the Locke and Key series with anticipation.


  1. I always appreciate your honest reviews of what you read. Even when you don't like something, you're always fair. Well done.

    1. I have to be honest otherwise there is no point in reviewing. Still, I try to be fair to the author and the story.

  2. Is this a series? Or a stand along issue?

    1. This is a stand alone story. It is a comic adaptation of the kindle single he wrote a year or two ago. I wasn't impressed. I'm not a huge fan of Hill but I love his Locke and Key series.


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