Justice League Vol 2: The Villians Journey by Geoff Johns

 I have been really impressed with the way the Justice League books are going. The first volume of the New 52 showed us how the team came to be with a new twist to it. This volume jumps ahead several years showing a more unified team, watchtower and all. This really allows for a pure plot driven story. There is no need to waste time with setting things up.

This story, written by the talented Geoff Johns, begins with a character we met in volume 1. His life was changed after the forming of the Justice League and not for the better. Now he asks for help from these superheroes but doesn't get any. The problems of the many out way the needs of the few (Yes I just used a quote from Star Trek). Having been "rejected," he sets out to end the Justice League for good.

There is a lot of emotion in this comic that you don't usually see in a series like this. Geoff Johns does an amazing job conveying the struggle and turmoil of each character while still writing a story that takes off with action and doesn't stop.

As to the art work in this book, most of it is done by Jim Lee who is one of my favorite artists. However, for some of the book the art work is done by a different artist, and it really shows just how good Jim Lee is. I was disappointed in those sections not done by Lee.

Overall I would say this was well worth the story. I would give this four out of five stars. Because Jim Lee didn't do all the artwork for it, I can't say this was worthy of all five stars. 


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