Iron Man 3

I finally got around to seeing this movie. I was blown away and want to watch it over again already. This really is the best of the three in my opinion. This movie shows so much more depth to all of the characters than in previous movies, and the action is just crazy.

This picks up right where Avengers left off. Tony Stark is back from New York and having a little problem coping with life as a superhero all of a sudden. Emotions and anxiety are getting the best of him, and he is not used to having to deal with this or think about the safety of anyone other than himself. A terrorist has been plaguing the world, and Iron Man is not able to stop all of it. Calling out this terrorist he paints a target on himself and Pepper, his better half.

The plot is very engaging, and I was not able to look away for a moment while watching this. Usually when I am at home watching a movie I play on my iPad or do something else while I watch. I couldn't while watching this. My wife was even half watching while working on her sewing in the same room wand had to stop and sit down on the couch with me. We both were so enthralled by this movie that it took our entire focus and attention.

The special effects in this movie are just amazing. One of the things I like best about these movies is the new way in which Tony Stark jumps in and out of the Iron Man suit. In the first movie it was a bunch of robotic arms assembling the suit. Iron Man 2 we saw a briefcase that became the suit around him, and in the Avengers he had two bracelets that called the suit to him.  This movie blew those away. There were two main ways we see Tony Stark suit up. The first is that the suit just opens and allows him to walk in and out of it. The second is he puts some kind of tracker in his body that allows him to call parts of the suit to him with the movement of his wrist. This also allows for some other really cool applications. I won't spoil anything if you haven't seen it, but it is cool.

If you are a fan of any of the Marvel movies I would say give this a shot. Tony Stark is not as much of a self centered arrogant character in this one. The special effects are definitely something to enjoy as well. I loved this movie and can't wait to watch this again. This movie lived up to all of the things I had heard about it and so much more.


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