Halloween Week

It's that time of year again. The leaves are turning and falling to the ground. Finally we got a little frost on our pumpkin, and hordes of children are obsessing over what to wear for that one night of Trick or Treating. For those of you unaware of what Halloween is, it is a night where kids get to dress up in costumes and go house to house begging for free candy. There is a lot more history of the holiday and stuff but this is the important thing to know, FREE CANDY!!!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I look forward to it every year. Before my wife and I had our two wonderful children we used to have Halloween parties. They were always a lot of fun, and something we all looked forward to every year. We always made lots of great food and everyone would dress up. Half way through the night we would usually end up getting Guitar Hero out and we would play till our fingers hurt. This was mainly the guys of course, the ladies cheered us on or rolled their eyes. We will get back to the parties when the kids get a little older so they can have their friends over as well but for now we are happy to spend the night with our kids.

My wife and I now get to celebrate Halloween the best way possible, through the eyes of our kids. For months my son has bounced back and forth over what he wants to be for Halloween. This year he was all set on being Robin, and he wanted me to dress up as Batman with him. Then he started to see the commercials for Iron Man 3 on Disney channel and he wanted to be Iron Man. Well that lasted for a few weeks and then when we went to buy his costume he decided he would rather be Iron Patriot. He is so excited to put on his costume this Thursday and hit as many houses as his little legs will let him so he can get candy in his Iron Patriot costume.

It is so amazing to see how excited he gets to go out trick or treating. He has been practicing with us these last few days. It's cute but also really annoying when He decides this is how he is going to wake us up in the morning. Sound  asleep at 6am I hear knocking at our bedroom door and then "Trick or Treat!". The first time this happened there was a bit of panic that I didn't have any candy, but then that passed. My wife and I  laugh about this a little now. We all are looking forward to Halloween this year and my wife has finally decided to make our 5 month old a costume as well. Gabrielle will be little red riding hood, I bet it will be amazingly cute.

On by blog I am dedicating this week to my favorite holiday. I will be reviewing some of my favorite horror movies each day. I have decided that this year I will be doing the new versions or remakes of these movies. I will review Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I love the originals in all of their cheesy glory, but I think those reviews will have to wait till next year. New or old versions, I have seen these movies a ton of times but I love to re-watch them every Halloween. Evil Dead is counted among these movies every year but since I have already reviewed the new one this year I am leaving it out. 

I'd love to hear what you like to do for Halloween. Will you be attending any parties and what are you going as? Do you have a favorite horror movie you watch every year? Please feel free to leave a comment and share your Halloween traditions.

Here is a video that was too cool not to share. This person is amazing with his Halloween decorations and I hope to one day have something as cool as this when I can really decorate my house.


  1. I love Halloween too!! It is my favorite. Every year I decorate the house.. and hang lights outside. I carve pumpkins with my husband every year too. Of course I pass out candy too!!!

    1. We carve pumpkins too and we have one waiting to be carved this week. We have tried to hand out candy but no one in the apartment complex we live in trick or treats here. So we go to my aunt's neighborhood and trick or treat there ourselves. We also visit and have dinner with them. It's a fun night for all of us.


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